Great trail walk with Rachel Wilson. Some water damage from the hurricane and a few trees down but nothing we couldn't get around

I can't say enough how magical my White Pines is to me. Of all the area, this is my spot. Not many people, no amenities, no cell phone signal, and a plethora of natural sights make this truly- getting back to nature. One of the only places like this in the area. Each time you go will be different, in regards to leaves and foliage. It is simply beautiful. A breeze through most of it going down and even one great little overlook where the rivers meet. Many thanks to the Triangle Land Conservancy for giving us a special place that is so wild and beautiful.

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4 months ago

Solid excursion trail with well marked trail blazes for even the beginning hiker.

Nice and isolated without a lot of noise other than the occasional plane.

Started on the Green 'Gilbert Yager Trail'. At about 70% of the way through there is a non marked left for the Green trailblazer. Looped down to the river with a hook back on the 'School Kids Loop'.

Nice elevation changes with great views--even under the canopy of late September.

Dog friendly--heavy spider web content--may need a 'Spider Stick' or a trail buddy at least 6" taller than you are.

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5 months ago

7 months ago

This trail was beautiful. I loved the way it winded beside Deep river. The trail had been untraveled by the time we reached it and there were literally hundreds of turtles sunbathing on the rocks in the river. As we walked up the trail you could watch and hear the turtles plop into the water. I was able to get a few pictures of rocks covered with turtles! We would have liked to see more history on the cable bridge. Overall we had a magical day exploring this trail.

2 years ago

4 years ago

Great trail. Rated moderate for the elevation changes. Nice single track near the river and pleasantly wide on main thoroughfares. Nice views of area and no one else on the trails. Historical info of the cable bridge appreciated and the giant white pine location was easy to find and a spectacular sight of a marvelous tree. Great hike. No restrooms something to consider. Make note to avoid wearing white during hunting season from Sept 8 through Jan 1.