1 month ago

Scenery around the lake is beautiful. The trail itself, not so much. Trail is in need of a lot of maintenance - extremely narrow - almost completely eroded into the lake in some spots. Trail markings in some areas are non-existent. Areas marked hikers only, no horses have horse droppings along the trail. Not a repeat hike.

A lovely and easy hike. The first road crossing was well marked, thanks to the Boy Scouts, but the return crossing was not as clear, and I slowly walked by the side of the highway until I found it. Other than this small glitch, it was a very enjoyable hike on a perfect autumn day.

2 months ago

Hiking on this trail was enjoyable, as it was a hike after all.

That being said, don't bother, go somewhere else. There were giant spider webs every 20 feet, and the trail was not marked well. There were several times when we had to guess which direction to go in as there were no signs, and several trails going in different directions.

Kind of a dingy place to drive through as well, we won't be back, altho im still glad we tried it.

This was a great hike, I did the 2.2 mile loop. It is obvious though that this location is not hiked often, that being said I cleared all the spiderwebs off the trail for you. I liked that is a little overgrown in areas and its like you away from the hustle and bustle of the normal world.
Its also worth mentioning that I hiked this with my almost 2 year old, so it is not very difficult.

first time out here and won't be the last. trails are marked good and clear. nice scenery.

I loved this trail. You are right along the shoreline for the majority of the hike, which is great. It's a pretty flat trail which makes it an easy walk. The trail is not well maintained in places and it leads you right through people's campsites, which was awkward. You definitely have to keep your eye out for the white markers on the trees to keep you on trail bc it's easy to get off trail (but easy to get back on).

6 months ago

This was a great hike this morning, my daughter and I loved the "white" trail around the edge of the lake. We also had her black lab with us. Lots of great views across the lake, our hike was about 6.1 miles.

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6 months ago

I landed up hiking about 11.5 miles up there and it was not the most enjoyable Hike. Great to do trail running and training on but for the most part there wasn't much to see and not challenging as a hike. But that may have been the route I took.

8 months ago

I am camping at west morris campground for 4 nights. I see few camp sites need repairs and restroom houses need upgrade toilet rolls holders and locks. I am on TAT and camping as much as i can without motel/inns. I gonna hiking at uharrie loop.

Just did a 20 mile thru-hike, from Jumping Off Rock to 24/27, this past weekend with some good friends. Had a great time. I really enjoy this trial and the others around it as well. it's nice having something this awesome close to home. I plan on hiking the 40 mile through hike in May if everything works out. Trails are well marked and I never had an issue staying on track the several times I've hiked in the Uwharries. For further info on this area I suggest checking out Don Childrey's Uwharrie Lake Region Trail Guide. An awesome guide for the Uwharrie area and its trails.

Great time! Well marked trail!

The trail was nice but I did get turned around a little on the upper part of the Uwharrie, above the loop. It was a cold night to camp but very peaceful! It wasn't very scenic but I loved that there were camping spots just about every mile. I'd do it again!

11 months ago

Easy walk with great access to camping locations. Disappointed by the amount of garbage all along the trail (filled one large garbage bag and didn't even touch it).

Hiked on 12-8-2015. completed the Uwharrie Trail back in October and wanted to do the Dutchman Creek as a loop so that I experience it all. Dutchman Creek was a mess in alot of the lower section. must of been a bad storm that blowed through tons of trees down. The hike itself was fine just no scenery. The Upper Dutchman wasn't as bad. Once at the intersection of the Upper and Uwharrie Trail, I followed the Uwharrie back to the 24 trailhead. For a great camping site water up and stay camp on top of Dennise Mountain.

Great trail for a workout. It was well marked and provides plenty of distance.