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Stone Mountain is not immediately visible upon entering the park that bears its name, but this magnificent 600-foot granite dome is well worth the wait. Sunlight and shadows dance across a broad tapestry of stone. White-tailed deer emerge from the security of the forest to graze on meadow grasses at the mountain's base. The scenery is only one attraction of the park. Test your fly-fishing techniques in more than 20 miles of designated trout waters. Or, with more than 16 miles of trails, take a hike in the park. Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1975, Stone Mountain is bounded on the north by the Blue Ridge Parkway and on the west by the Thurmond Chatham Game Lands. More than 14,100 acres of mountain beauty offer opportunities for outdoor activities of all kinds.

A moderate to hard hike (depending on where you start) with a fantastic view of a waterfall. However, beware the stairs as there are some spots that are more tricky than others.

Just finished the Stone Mountain Loop a few days ago. I always have fun while hiking, especially with our dog Luna.

Beautiful scenery, lots of greenery, boulders and lovely waterfall. Plenty to entertain you along the way. The vistas at top are exceptional.

22 days ago

The part considered Widows creek Trail is Nice a home place chimney stands on the left about 0.6 up the trail nice walk along the creek win you get to the back pack camping Area it runs out the MST shots to the right and the first stretch or maybe all the way up to the Devils Garden overlook is like a rutted out Fourwheeler trail I wouldn't know if it's like that all the way I only went like 2 Miles after widows creek switched out to become the MST

Great hike, love the views from the summit. Would classify the hike as moderate though, rather than hard.

The majority of this trail is a gradual incline on a wide, well kept path. It takes you to a waterfall and the summit.

Love this trail. Hiked it counter-clockwise for more uphill time. Views are amazing. Popular place so lots of people. There were also very many stink bugs buzzing around like black flies when I went in the fall. I haven't encountered that anywhere.

Overall, this is a great moderate hike. I went early morning on Saturday, started at the lower lot and had the trail pretty much to myself. By the time I was completing the loop the trail was very busy and loud.

Great hike with good views but recommend getting an early start if you want to enjoy quiet time at the top and at the falls.

2 months ago

One of the best trails anywhere! Went on a clear autumn day with blue skies and saw breath taking scenery that melted my heart! Can't wait to go back again! Trail surface is well taken care of, wide and well designed. I went on the loop trail counter-clockwise from the Upper lot! SP says 4.5 miles but my GPS logged in 5.8 . You'll do some extra walking at the Summit and the Homestead especially if you have a camera. The Summit offers the wonderful scenery you dream about and it goes forever! The distance and the sculpture is fantastic! Trail is somewhat steeper near the switchback at the top! Rest often if you need to! The Summit is an amazing rock formation - it requires some common sense. It is a giant ball cap! If you walk out to far you are a goner! It is not tricky - just don't push it! Stay REAL safe! Counsel the young ones and the non believers! Keep them close! Do not attempt to walk out far enough to look over and see the ground - it can't be done without falling off! The rock surface is amazing and great to observe and/or Photograph! Photo opts at this place are inexhaustible - bring tripod!, extra batteries and sd chips! Come early and spend the day! Pack food and 3 waters in a day pack! We started @ 11:00AM finished at 5:30PM enjoyed the whole day! Went down 500 steps to the bottom near the Lower lot and proceed thru a gorgeous trail with bridges to the Homestead. Loop trail takes you to the Homestead avoid the road. Drinking fountain was available here when I went! Amazing view of Stone mountain here - this is what you came for! Just breath taking! A wide open field exposes Stone Mountains face and all of its glory! Wide angle lens or Panorama shots! Afterwards a pretty creek leads you up some steps to the base of a 200 foot water fall! Now up the steps, 300 of them. Take your time here, let your heart settle and then do some more - it is a journey, not a contest. When you get to the top - get out your common sense again and don't go out on the top of the water fall at all - take your pictures where there is something to hold on too! You are tired now - remember that! Take a good break here. Finish the trail - when you see the chimney, you are close to the end. Water and restroom are right there! Drink water, lots of it! So glad I went - thank you North Carolina this place is a treasure of beauty! Photographers Dream!

Great hike with a great variety of views. I started at the upper parking lot, and went counter clockwise.

The hike to the top of Stone Mountain is nice. The path is well maintained, with few obstacles. The route up is not too steep either.

The views from the top are excellent panoramic / horizon views. I also recommend checking out the view from the back of stone mountain, there are several spurs off the main trail, The view is also very nice.

Going down the mountain (counter clockwise) requires going down hundreds of stairs, which is glad I did not hike up this direction. The trail stays relatively flat until you reach the Stone Mountain Falls.

The Stone Mountain Falls are nice, I do wish there had been a little more water flowing the day I was there. Be prepared to go up a good number of steps back to the upper parking lot after the falls, although not nearly as many as the backside of Stone Mountain.

Overall great hike, will most likely do it again. I would like to check out wolf rock and cedar trail next time too, I hear the views from them are great.

Nice Hike. I started at the upper parking lot and went down to the falls first. LOTS of steps. the climb back up the mountain is tougher with uneven steps and no railing. Nice views, although I think the panoramic views from the Cedar Rock path are nicer. I hike several times a week and this was a challenge. however, I was carrying my 26# toddler on my back!!