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Stone Mountain is not immediately visible upon entering the park that bears its name, but this magnificent 600-foot granite dome is well worth the wait. Sunlight and shadows dance across a broad tapestry of stone. White-tailed deer emerge from the security of the forest to graze on meadow grasses at the mountain's base. The scenery is only one attraction of the park. Test your fly-fishing techniques in more than 20 miles of designated trout waters. Or, with more than 16 miles of trails, take a hike in the park. Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1975, Stone Mountain is bounded on the north by the Blue Ridge Parkway and on the west by the Thurmond Chatham Game Lands. More than 14,100 acres of mountain beauty offer opportunities for outdoor activities of all kinds.

Great hike! We did the loop and ended up with 6 miles. Be prepared for the stairs...there are tons of them. We started from the upper lot and sent to the summit first. The views are spectacular. We packed a lunch and ate by the stream. Would be 5 stars but the stairs!

Most amazing hike! Took a left at the trail head and headed to the waterfall first. It's not much of a fall compared to others in the area, but not bad either. Nice and relaxing. After getting back on the trail we reached the homestead, which was so nice to see. It is at the foot of the mountain. We explored the mountain a bit at the climbing spot that is there. After that the trail became a bit more strenuous, but we were rewarded with the most beautiful views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Especially when we reached the summit. This is one we will do again for sure and I can definitely recommend it.

There are two main options to do the loop trail. You can start from the Upper trailhead or Lower trailhead. The AllTrails starting point is the Upper trailhead (on their map), which is where I started. I went counterclockwise. If you're starting from the Upper lot going counterclockwise gets you to the summit of Stone Mountain quicker. It's also the easiest way to the summit as the approach from the other side requires walking up some rather steep steps. The counterclockwise approach from the Upper lot is a gradual incline on mostly gravel.

Continuing counterclockwise from the summit, taking the Wolf Rock Trail will give you a longer loop and the best views of Stone Mountain from below. One word of note though. The AllTrails map has the Cedar Rock Trail branching off of the Wolf Rock Trail before you get to the Blackjack Ridge Trail. This is incorrect. The branch happens after Wolf Rock and is easily missed. Also if you take the Cedar Rock Trail it is quite a challenge as it is rather steep, and you'll be walking up mostly the rock face (so be careful). Conversely you can continue on the Blackjack Ridge Trail for a much easier hike which will connect you back with the Cedar Rock Trail and then ultimately back to the Stone Mountain Loop Trail. You will still enjoy the same views of Cedar Rock if you stay on the Blackjack Ridge Trail (and you will still enjoy the great view of Stone Mountain from below).

Overall this is a very nice trail with great views. Keep an eye out for snakes when you're on the rock faces. I ran in to an eastern milk snake. Harmless but it was definitely not happy to see me. But I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless!

12 days ago

The Stone Mountain loop trail has everything, a beautiful waterfall, a stream to follow, and an amazing dome of granite rock looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains! I always go early and have a picnic lunch on top of Stone Mountain. It's incredibly beautiful and relaxing! And if you get a chance, hike over to Wolf Rock. Beautiful view and not as many people.

I took a right to have the waterfall as a reward. I had a great time and it has beautiful views.

They were small but still pretty esy trail.

This trail is marked as difficult. Most of the trail is easy to hike though there are LOTS of steps. The loop takes you to a waterfall as well as walking directly on the Stone Mountain. What an amazing view! Will definitely do again and especially during the fall peak season. Aside from the steps, some areas of the mountain were challenging to walk on. Overall I would say this is a moderate trail with some areas I would rate as difficult. Worth the challenge!

Strenuous trail due to many stairs but worth the views and waterfalls. For shorter hikes to falls or summit, use upper parking lot. For full loop, use either lower or upper parking lots.

28 days ago

in the 90s i went

Trail is marked "no hiking". Permitted fishing only. Named Bullhead Stream.

Stone mountain was well worth the view. My recommendation to get the most out of this trail would be to park in the lower trailhead parking lot and take the stone mountain summit and make sure you do the wolf rock and cedar rock trails that connect with it. You'll get another amazing view as well as a great view of stone mountain. You'll get to walk to the homestead. You can loop right back to your car after that. Be aware that the stone mountain trail will require a lot of man-made steps, but it's less populated. It could be based on the time of year, but the lower falls seemed like a tiny trickle of water and the stone mountain falls are not with the 400+ steps to view. The trails were all well marked and well groomed.

Well..that was an experience! #1 I am directionally challenged and get lost easily lol..So after reading the reviews on here, I figured this to be an easy hike, Wrong! I went down by the falls and around to the base of mountain, not sure where to go from there, so I went straight to mountain where the sign was, figured I'd just start climbing! Half hour later, exhausted..no where to go, So went back to trail and thought the way up with the 3 other trails would take me around to top. No. 1 mile later, just turned back and went Allll the way back to the falls and up the million stairs and just took the opposite way to the summit, and I was determined to get to the top! Exhausted is an understatement! I'm in good shape and hike weekly, but by my mistakes I added work!..on the bright side, the views were amazing, waterfall was cool, but kind of dried up..it's a good hike for a work out

2 months ago

My wife and I made it to the third bridge on a last minute hike this past saturday. How far from the 3rd bridge are the backpacking sites?

2 months ago

Great hike!!

Great hike with such wonderful variety. Forest, open space, creek side, waterfalls, homestead side trip all topped with an breathtaking summit. Hard for sure but worth it. Take your time...and water and a snack!