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Cold Mountain is a beast, but worth every tired step. Great views, interesting terrain and rock formations, and a 6K'+ summit. Allow ample time going up. Ramps cover the sides of the hollers in the springtime.

This is a beautiful trail. There are plenty of wide open views and the hike is a very enjoyable hike. It's best to go during the mid day,sometimes the fog is heavy and the views become obsolete. We really enjoyed this hike. Black Balsam Knob is one of our favorite places to go to,it has many trails to explore.

This is a nice trail,it's great that you can experience the river and all the swimming holes it had to offer. I will advise a compass and a map for this trail,as it has numerous trails that you can easily end up on with out knowing if you are on the actual trail you planned to trek on. I also liked it because the traffic was a little less than moderate and not heavy.

1 month ago

Best 3 day 2 night backpacking trail in Pisgah. Great scenic views as you climb. Must do if you like to backpack and hike more than just a few miles!

My husband and I did this hike in about 5 hours (including a 30-minute lunch break at the summit). Given the full leaf cover, there were not many views until we got near the top -- but they were certainly worth the effort and the wait! It's a beautiful, peaceful, quintessentially southern Appalachian hike, with plenty of climbing, rocks and roots to keep things interesting. We will definitely do this again in the fall when the leaves are changing.


Gorgeous views and a very enjoyable hike

This was a nice wide trail. It was more like a very shallow creek with many rocks and stones. But it wasn't too wet to hike. There were some very nice views of the mountains on several parts of the trail. This trail is an easy trail if you don't mind stepping over rocks most of the time. I can't wait to explore the other trails over in that area.

Love this trail ! Very peaceful, and plenty of beautiful scenery stops! This definitely is One of the most relaxing hiking places I have been too.

Great trail and very demanding. watch out for Pilot Mountain no matter which direction you're headed. can be done in 2 full days, especially if you cut out cold mountain but that was my favorite peak so dont miss it! recommend 3 days if you wanna soak it all in!

Beautiful views from top , go early to avoid thunderstorms, parts of trail going to top are badly eroded.

Wear waterproof footwear/boots if you have them. Part of the trail is overgrown and you can't see your footing. It's easy to roll your ankles. The old road is like a creek bed and was pretty wet. Amazing wide open views, what an amazing hike! Go early and avoid crowds and afternoon rainstorms. We parked in parking lot which by the way has awful-horrible bathroom facilities. From the parking lot we back walked uphill down the road we drove on to the art loeb trail, (where all the cars are paralleled parked), ascended to black balsam knob first, then Tennent mtn then followed trail back to parking lot. After which we did Sam knob trail which shares that parking lot.

Absolutely fantastic hike. Beautiful views and wide open! I adore this trail.

3 months ago

Amazing views. Continue up to fine the geographical marker.

Overall great trail. It lives up to its 'difficult' rating with steep terrain and obstacles but has some flat parts to recover with. Some new views at the top but the trail is mostly wooded

Amazing views. Get there early to avoid people.