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Should the humdrum of the work week leave you with the urge to travel and explore, head to Raven Rock State Park. Adventure is just an hour's drive from the Research Triangle and only 45 minutes from the Fayetteville area. The first feeling you are likely to experience at Raven Rock is one of renewal. Here, the forest reigns as each year the timeless cycle of growth further heals age-old wounds inflicted by man. Nature triumphs as plants compete in the stages of forest succession and the woodlands are restored. High above the Cape Fear River stands Raven Rock, its austere beauty a testament to the forces that have shaped the land. As the river below rushes to join the sea, nature's elements continue to shape the surface of this natural monument. Spend some time at Raven Rock State Park and let nature refresh your spirit.

My husband and I recently did this hike for the first time and we enjoyed the beautiful view at the overlook. Parts of the trail were closed due to hurricane Matthew but we look forward to returning to see the parts that were closed.

A nice easy hike with a canopy view and river-side area. I went here on my 20th birthday with a couple of friends - good times!

1 month ago

I went to do a reconnaissance on a camp site I will be at later this month. I walked the Raven Rock loop minus actually going down th raven rock. I did add on a bit by going down to the canoe camp sites and back again to resume the RR loop.

Beautiful area, great for kids, and has a cool swimming area at the mid-way point.

beautiful, mostly shaded trail. more like 6 miles with the falls added in.

After not hiking/walking in months, this was a killer. BUT I will do it again. Must have lost 10 lbs today!

We had a great time in this hike. I will recommend this trail for everyone who has a dog.

Very fun hike waterfall is fun to jump in

Lots of fun, and a good place to cool off.

Beautiful place, lots to see.

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2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. It was a challenging trail with just the right amount of elevation changes. I highly recommend running this trail. Also, try the Raven Rock Rumble held annually in November on this trail. They host a challenging 5 mile and 10 mile course. It's a great time.

Loved it! Lots of trails to choose from, ranging from moderate (5miles) to easy(1-2miles). A couple overlooks that are worth the hike! There are a couple of small waterfalls that are nice, but they aren't what you would categorize waterfalls as-think rafting. The hikes are great! Highly suggested!

trail running
2 months ago

I run this trail a few times a month. It's one of my favorite trails to run. It's mellow enough so you can really open up but rocky and rooted enough to be a proper trail run. The half mile stretch down to the loop provides a nice uphill for the finish.