Lovely trails and many to choose from! There were noises that sounded like gunshots, however.

I didn't think this was a moderate trail, it was very easy. fun short walk great for kids and dogs!

fairly flat easy trails to walk

this is a group of shorty and easy but fun hikes. simple but enjoyable. fun place to picnic. spot deer and smaller creatures.

9 months ago

Nice walking trail without a lot of other people walking on it on a late November Saturday.

This is a great network of short trails for hiking with your kids. We have gone several times with our 3 1/2 year old daughter and she loves it and does great. The provided map isnt great, but they are marked pretty well with permanent markers instead of blazes.

I walked with a boy scout troop and we walked 14 miles in and out. I am assuming out walk was longer than listed because it is part of a larger greenway. It has plenty of rest stops, mile markers and a bathroom at the beginning and about 4 miles in near the Jamestown golf course. I am walking this again with my small children (but not 14 miles.. maybe 6)

Very nice, quiet hike. I walk regularly and have seen a variety of wildlife.

Great hiking spot for a quick excursion with the kids. Much of the trail runs along High Point City Lake so there is ample opportunity to spot heron, osprey, beaver, and the occasional bald eagle.

trail running
5 years ago

It's a great collection of trails if you just want to get a good run in after work! I pretty much go daily. I love the white and blue trails, which run a good distance beside High Point lake. Pretty scenery. I've run into a few deer and turtles on the trail, so it's always exciting. Always sounds serene, which is ideal. You do have to leap over a few trees now and then, but I think that's the fun part. Just don't trip and fall! And there is also a pretty good variety of incline/decline. It's not flat all the way through.

Also, all of the trails are pretty much lost in the trees and shady (so cooler)--which is perfect when it's ridiculously hot and sunny!

There are a decent number of runners that use the trail daily, but there are also couples who just come to slowly hike, walk it, if you want a less strenuous evening. There are also a few shorter trails and a paved "Greenway" trail for bikes or those who'd rather walk on pavement.