Great place for the pups to walk on or off leash, and passed many other walkers and runners. Nice and easy.

nice trail

If you're looking to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the wild, this is not your place. However, it is great for dog walking, trail running, or just getting out of the house on a nice afternoon. Trails are easy and suitable for all skill levels. The scenery is great, especially in the fall. It takes you through several different varieties of forest environment. It can get a little busy on nice days, but overall a good place for some enjoyable hiking

Beautiful trails, very well taken care of! It's nice to see all the different areas, and everyone who was walking around was friendly and mindful of their dogs. Dogs are allowed off leash but it didn't seem to be a problem! Definitely going back!

Pretty cool. Worth the time.

Nice little looping trail with wide pathways and a long bridge over a scenic pond. Decent amount of foot traffic but nothing crazy, and our pup loved meeting all the other dogs on the trail.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Very easy trails and lots of sniffing and running for pup!

I had the same issue mentioned by others. Unleashed dogs. It protects the dog as well. Just silly to impose on others with a jumping-wet pit bull, and rude. Otherwise, it was beautiful and will enjoy coming back and exploring with my bf.

Nice nature walk, wouldn't call it a hike however. Lots of runners and people with dogs, but everyone was friendly. A few places you could go off the trail a bit which made it more adventurous, but overall its just a well maintained access road on which you follow marked trails. The nice thing is that if you want to get a long walk in, the loops can be doubled or tripled and it's easy to do 5 or even 10 miles back in there.

My girlfriend and I spent nearly two hours on the trails. It was a great walk and not crowded at all since it was late in the day. The trails get dark before the sun sets so an earlier start would have been better. It rained some but we didn't get too wet. It was an all around great time.

was a nice trail for walking. great scenery. not to busy. the dogs loved it

Moderately crowded but everyone was friendly. Lots of dogs, leashed and unleashed. All were very nice.

The trail itself was amazing. The only problem was it was a little crowded today but probably because it's Sunday and there were a lot of unleashed dogs and owners who did not have the courtesy to leash their dogs when they were headed towards other dogs on leash.

4 years ago

This trail was in the middle of a dark neighborhood ;(

mountain biking
6 years ago

Blue Clay is the staple for mountain biking in Southeastern NC. Due to the lack of hills and mountains that most mountain bike trails utilize, Blue Clay makes itself worthwhile by utilizing more technical riding styles. It's a great workout and can be enjoyed by anyone.