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4 months ago

Short steep cutbacks to a beaut of a view

Beautiful scenery. Easy trails. Clean.

11 months ago

Great Trail!!! Well worth it if you can clear out a night and camp at the top.

fly fishing
11 months ago

Easy hike. You will have to walk through a couple creeks so make sure you are prepared for that. Also some great fishing places along the way, but in summer it's hard due to swimmers.

on Kitsuma

1 year ago

on Kitsuma

mountain biking
3 years ago

Kitsuma is KILLER! My brother an I, both avid riders, had a blast on this trail. the start to it is a little tough to find, but there's a parking lot right off the main highway (you have to get off an exit down the hill and backtrack on the side roads). The first half mile of Kitsuma is straight up hill! switchback after switchback. This really gets your blood moving. The views from the top are worth the initial pain. Then there's a down hill run out for about 3.5 miles which is technical and fast! drinking fountain at the bottom of the hill in the picnic area. The ride back to the start is what appears to be an old paved rail trail converted into a gas pipeline paved roadway (maintained by a gas company, ie: no potholes)... 4.5 miles of all uphill the way back, so you'll have to save some energy, take a granola bar. easy to navigate and no traffic! Beautiful! What a great ride... enjoy!

mountain biking
4 years ago

It is a difficult trail that starts with a series of switchback climbs. Once at the top you have a fast a steep downhill. Very exciting!