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Nowhere to stop and get a good view of the falls. There are no obvious platforms to look at the falls and it's hard to get a good picture due to all the condos in the way. Lots of construction going on in the area as well.



Lovely crisp Sunday in February. Not many people. Great views at the top

Would not call this trail moderate. Very easy!

on Pinnacle Park

15 days ago

17 days ago

I hike somewhat often, and I just want it to be known, this hike is hard. It may have been the hardest hike I've ever been on. In a good way of course, and the view at the end is definitely worth it. You work for it though.

The hike up is all uphill, a constant incline. I made it up in an hour and a half. I stayed for sunset and beyond to take some astro photos and hiked back down at night. The hike down is much better, all downhill, and hiking at night is always enjoyable.

I wouldn't have really considered this to be that difficult of a hike depending on which way you go. But if you hike to just the falls it's easy. The falls was the best thing honestly.

I went and backpacked this whole little area and it was really awesome. The waterfalls were on the smaller side but gorgeous. I really want to go back in the summer and swim. I went in the fall so it was a little cold but the leaves made everything pretty.

It was a long hike but definitely worth the view at the top.

Amazing hike with incredible views. Moderately hard, but you can take the loop backwards to make an easier trip up.

1 month ago

Difficult and rocky trail. Very scenic especially when you reach the pinnacle. Went with my husband and my adult kids who had done the hike before so knew to go,through the rhododendrons to get to the top. Beautiful!