wild flowers

Very easy- it's a flat walk on a gravel path that leads to a paved circle around a lake

This is a pleasant trail. Enjoyable for children.

Quick, easy hike. Beautiful lake views.

Nice easy trail. 15 min one way. Views are amazing.

Great trail for dogs and kids.

Great views all along this trail.

Pretty at lake.

My wife and I enjoyed this hike. This would be a great hike for the whole family. I would warn any children along for the hike that the tower is off limits at the top to avoid argument and/or disappointed looks from the little ones. The tower is accessible but probably not the place you want to let your kids walk up. There's virtually no railings. Otherwise the trail is amazing, gravel paved, well-maintained with many sweeping views. They allow horseback.

Easy hike up the mountain to a fire tower, which you can climb if you are fearless. You'll pass an array of wild flowers, a pasture with some cattle, and some fine views.

Nice easy enjoyable trail. Plenty of blooming rhododendrons in mid-July. Great views at the top of the trail at the Cone Manor.

Scenery on this hike is so beautiful!

Nice, easily accessible trail.

trail running
8 months ago

I love this trail!!! Great for trail running as it is well marked and maintained. I enjoyed the overlook just above Blowing Rock. Gorgeous! And then climbing the fire tower. Not for the faint of heart, but hey, I hate heights and I conquered my fear. Amazing views at the top!

Nice trail, not very difficult. Trail was clearly made for horses so path is even and not very steep all the way up. The trail crosses through a field where the cone gravesite is and has some nice views of the mountains from there. The real view is at the top of the fire tower though, amazing view of the nearby area including Appalachian State.

Nice mountain. Small ski slopes great for beginners and intermediates. Instructors and classes are amazing!

Great trail very easy to walk on gravel road to lake. And yes horses do travel on this road so be prepared for poo.