Enjoy the gifts of nature surrounded by the remnants of a once mighty range of peaks. Upon first encounter, the Uwharrie Mountains may seem like a mountainous mirage. These steep, rugged hillsunusual topography for the areaform a stark contrast with the rolling countryside of the piedmont plateau. Recreation is plentiful in and around the waters of Lake Tillery and the Yadkin / Pee Dee River. Fishing and boating are popular pastimes. Nature lovers can pick from miles of trails to travel on foot or horseback. And for those who want to stay and take it all in, cabins and camping are available. There's really only one word to describe Morrow Mountain State Park: variety. Use the family car or RV, horseback or canoe, put on a pair of hiking boots or bait your favorite fishing polea visit to Morrow Mountain lets you choose your kind of adventure.

12 days ago

Good exercise. I've never seen any good views from the trail. Apparently in winter you can. Don't expect that from the trail.

The trail is well maintained and great for a hike.

Drive up to the top and do this trail. It will give you the best experience, unless you're super into hiking and want to climb to the top.

Never been a huge fan of trails that you can drive to the top of. The view from the parking lot is great, but the trail doesn't offer anything special.

Nice place to hike . We will be back soon.

I loved this trail! It is rated as moderate and it was a good workout for me! I went with my son and his friend. We enjoyed nature and found many different types of mushrooms, which is one of my fav things to look for! I will definitely do this again. The trail was marked well and it actually is a loop. Other trails I've been on have not exactly been a loop or it has overgrown and I've lost the trail. The restrooms were decent and there is a canoe rental and a place to get snacks/waters, that doesn't open til 10am though. I will be back to rent a canoe.

I loved this trail. I went with my kids, we really enjoyed it. For our first trail it was a little tough, we definitely got a great workout! We will come again as there are several trails.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Good trail, very nice. Only problem with me was when it rained on us. Other than that, it was great

Great trail!! Loved the quartz garden :):)

Loved the hike, and the views were great! Will be back!

The hike was definitely moderate in activity level, a few very steep paths near the top. Really love the views.

Steep hill for a while then easy walking. Blazed side of trail most of the part, no spectacular view at all.

Very much enjoyed our time out there. Took my fiancé and our son and absolutely enjoyed the hike and scenery. Def recommend.

5 months ago

Excellent view at the top, myself and my wife go several times a year, the trail actually to the top is on the should of the road, which I feel is alittle dangerous and alot of rocks to slips on so watch your footing, we use hiking sticks. I have also kayaked the lake which is very nice , all the way around, I like the dam area the best and sound is most relaxing of the rushing water. Lots of birds, but I yet to see a deer.

Nice views at the top.