Should the humdrum of nine-to-five leave you with the urge to travel and explore, head to Medoc Mountain State Park. A pleasurable excursion awaits just a 1.5-hour drive from the Research Triangle. At Medoc Mountain, the urban refugee finds a welcome tranquility, a chance to embrace the outdoors. Trails beckon as light filters through branches overhead and falls on paths that hold the promise of new frontiers. The peacefulness gives the opportunity to refresh. The silence of the forest is broken only by bird songs and the occasional drumming of the pileated woodpecker. Grab your hiking boots. Load your camera. Spend some time at Medoc Mountain State Park and let nature renew your spirit.

1 month ago

Took my dog here. Trail is well marked. We had a good time. Bridges and steps are in fair shape. Took us an hour and 10 minutes to hike it.

Great place to stop and walk. I have spent a weekend camping and hiking and other times I will stop on my way home from Raleigh, just to stretch my legs and enjoy the out of doors before finishing my drive home.

Great Trail! really enjoyed it. it was my first hike!

Nice park. The trails are nice and offer a variety.

11 months ago

I liked this trail a lot better than the others we did here.

11 months ago

It was okay but it would have been nicer in October

11 months ago

I did this one a week ago. Another wonderful winter hiking trail.

I did this a week ago. It is a wonderful park for this time of year,

perfect park to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy life. took my kids hiking and the loved it so much we are taking a 3 day camping trip there this weekend and hiking all of the trails!!!

Bluff trails is a great trail to start with out here very kid freindly.

its a decent short hike. I did the summit trail... theres really not a summit haha but its a nice walk with a pretty little bridge and river

Another great trail in Medoc Mountain State Park. I've hiked it numerous times and it's always enjoyable. There is some evidence of an old scout camp and a concrete dam along the trail.

Medoc Mountain is always a great place to hike. You should see lots of running cedar, a vulnerable but not yet endangered plant, low to the ground throughout the park.

I have hiked this trail probably 30-40 times. It's a great length for a short, day-hike and also is a good hike for getting your legs conditioned for a long hike with a pack --if you live nearby and can go out frequently. The hills are not a factor as you may think the name implies. This is not a mountain. It's usually a quite hike with few, if any, others on the trail.

Nice quiet hike. Went out on a Friday morning and enjoyed a peaceful morning hike. Will go back soon.

Rode over to this little known state park back in February of 2013 to meet up with a facebook pal from Indiana who was down here on business. We had a great hike. Trails are easy and follows several streams that would be great for kayaks or canoes. Would like to go back! See photo above.

Fun place to go for a nice relaxing weekend. Not many people out and about. Clean. Helpful staff. Will go back for sure.