Linville Gorge -- often called The Grand Canyon of the Southeast -- is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Linville Gorge Wilderness encompasses the wild backcountry on either side of the Linville River, which carved the Gorge over millions of years. Trails in the gorge are rugged -- bring your hiking poles if you use them.

This trail is very deceiving. The trail head starts out real level and solid. It then takes a sharp turn down. Loose rocks and roots. The descent is easy. However, what goes down must come up. The hike back up sucks. I couldn't find good hammock camping by the river. Ended up hiking back to the car and camping by table rock.

A short walk to two amazing lookout points nearly 1500 feet above the Linville River and the deepest gorge in the eastern US. It is also a stunning vantage point for Hawksbill Mountain and Table Rock. Not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, head south from Linville Falls, NC and take a gravel Rt. 1238 for about four miles. For the most part it was not in bad shape during my visit in April, but I imagine it can be difficult after bad weather. It is definitely worth it though for that unbelievable view!

Really beautiful up there ...

Not an easy hike but not too strenuous. The climb back up to table rock parking lot from shortoff is very steep. Great views of sunset and sunrise.

Beautiful views of the Linville River!

2 months ago

this was a beautiful area, small part was paved with some great views, we went off trail which led us us into some amazing climbs on rock faces, a great adventure!..i recommend it to all who enjoy going off grid and exploring

scenic driving
3 months ago

Short, paved, handicap accessible trail to the rim of the Linville Gorge. A great place to get an amazing view of the Gorge. I recommend driving in from the north end of old 105. The road can be in very bad condition, especially following heavy rains or snow.
The trail takes you right to the top of a cliff with open views down the gorge. Table Rock and Hawksbill mountains are just across the gorge from the viewpoints at the trail end.

Loved it!

Loved it. Very rocky

Thought the hike was boring. It was very crowded and you couldn't swim. The waterfall was tiny! The highlight of the hike was the over look which was beautiful. If you're in this area check out crab tree falls. That was an amazing waterfall and awesome hike!!

Great views after a long drive on a dirt road in bad condition. The trail is short and easy.

this is the most beautiful view I have ever seen. The height is unreal

This is the most beautiful view I have ever seen! The height is unreal, and it is definitely worth the long dirt road drive up. It's a short walk which can be a good thing too!

Spectacular wilderness. The trails are sometimes poorly marked, so it pays to keep your map handy. The area is suitable for day hikes or longer treks. Check with the forest service office in Nebo for a wilderness camping permit if you're planning to camp in the gorge. This is truly one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Beautiful views ~ not too challenging, but definitely not an easy hike, either.

great trail, check out babel tower and climb to the top for a rewarding view!

Fairly strenuous hiking but beautiful views. Solid place for backpacking and day hikes.