Nice, but spiderweb after spiderweb after spiderweb after spiderweb. And I go hiking everyday. I was more concerned about spiders than i was on the nice scenery.

2 months ago

On a beautiful NC day (late summer) I took my favorite hiking buddy Nui (my fearless dog) and we set out to discover this hidden gem. I wanted to take the lake trail, but was distracted with the nature trail. Quickly, we backtracked, and found the trailhead beyond a grassy area by the parking lot. At first, the yellow flowers made it almost magical, but the trail changed, and we walked alongside (literally) a main road, with only a thin path and a rock dam. Eventually, we walked into the woods with multiple boardwalks walking behind buildings (MetLife). A little strange. A few grassy clearings, and over a piped creek (I think we missed a path), we ended up in the woods again. We found some great steps taking the path up to higher elevation (slight). After crossing a couple bridges, the path turned into asphalt, where a lovely overlook to the lake was constructed. This was about 3.5 miles in. The next area was actually closed (?) for construction, but I wasn't turning back. The next part was a path that allowed both hikers and bikers to share. We only came across two bikers. This part of the path was not as well marked as the rest, and I lost the path, resulting in just using the main road to return to my car. Overall, I enjoyed the loop and even though it was very noisy by the main roads, it was not a boring hike. I believe it was just over 6 miles. A good workout, especially for my hiking buddy-who is passed out in the back of the car as I write this!

Great for the littles!

I customized the trail to keep it under 5 miles and to avoid traffic on Aviation Parkway. I started at the first parking lot at the Crabtree Lake park and walked to the trailhead at Old Reedy Creek road and turned back. It is a good trail. A lot of cyclists use this trail. Quite some road noise while nearing the Old Ready Creek trailhead. Otherwise the lake views are great.

This is a short, easy and nice trail with a lot of tree cover. Access is from the first parking lot. I combine this with the Crabtree Lake trail for a good workout.

5 months ago

It was short and easy.

Lake Crabtree Loop Trail in Morrisville, NC - not a trail I would hike again. Granted, it's March as I wrote this, but it's trashy and very loud due to highway traffic. About a mile of it you walk right next to the highway. Plus lots of people riding bikes and they scare the heck out of you when they ride up behind and don't yell "track." We walked it because it was close to home but won't do it again.

9 months ago

11 months ago

Nice easy trail.

nice easy trails, boat rentals, bike station located on trail in case you have to repair bike, trails wrap around lake for scene view.

I love to do this trail on Saturday mornings. it's never very busy and my dog loves it.

My hike was Loops 1, 3, and 4, about 5 miles all together. Not a bad hike, part of the trail was along RT 40 but far enough off the road so that it was still kind of private, drivers would never know you were there. Not too much to look at as far as scenery, but I thought it was peaceful. I was surprised to see the bike jumps in the middle of the trail area, but thought that was pretty cool. Hopefully nobody gets seriously hurt because if you yell for help you're out of luck, not a lot of people using the trail when I was there. Overall it is a nice place to hike.

1 year ago

These trails are fun to ride and they are pretty well maintained. I really liked the pump section and the jump section. Also, there are a lot of roots on these trails. However, they need more signage, unless you have ridden these trails many times, they are tough to navigate.

The photo for this trail is Crabtree Falls located at milepost 339 on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Linville NC...not Virginia. My girlfriend and I hiked to this waterfall back on August 10th this year and the photo attached to this trail description is identical to the photo we took of the waterfall (complete with the downed tree on the left side of the photo). It's a strenuous hike on the way back but well worth it. Happy trails, everyone!

Great all around park with spaces for many activities. Excellent for families with kids. Great sunset over the water.

I hiked the loop around the lake but didn't care for it much. Seemed to have too much traffic noise even when not walking along the street. In addition to that there was 2 construction sites and business park that took away from the sense of being away from the city. Sewer smells were bad along several areas of the trail. Maybe 20+ sewer manholes along the trail.

I hiked this loop but would probably not return. Too much road noise along the trail for me. Over 20 sewer manholes emitting sewer gas smells all along trail. Two construction sites on trail. Part of trail hugs a business park and busy street. Don't go here if you expect to find an escape from the city.