Imagine relaxing in a cove, listening to the sounds of water rippling. Then, you feel a firm tug on your fishing line. It's going to be a big one! Picture the surface of the lake glistening, water spraying your face, the boat motor ahead roaring. Suddenly, your skis give way a splash landing! Hear the laughter of children, smell burgers roasting over a charcoal fire, feel a breeze blowing through the campground. With almost 14,000 acres of water, all this and more is yours to discover at Jordan Lake. The NC Division of Parks and Recreation operates nine recreation areas on the lake Crosswinds Campground, Ebenezer Church, Parker's Creek, Poplar Point, Seaforth, Vista Point, Robeson Creek, New Hope Overlook, and White Oak Recreation Area. Whether you're looking for fun in the sun or an evening under the stars, Jordan Lake offers it all.

Entire route is 5 miles and total elevation around 700 ft. Great hike. Probably not as nice during boating season. Bring water as it's definitely moderate difficulty as rolling with lots of roots and rocks. Having pole(s) is a plus. V enjoyable hike!

Great views. Not worth spending 7 bucks to hike

Nice wide open, easy to follow trails.

4 months ago

had a great time!

Liked it a lot. It was my first time and I will definitely go back.

best trail near my home.

Had a great time. A good workout with some beautiful views of the lake.


My wife and I enjoy this trail as a regular go-to for a quick hike. We generally get in between 2.5 and 4 miles depending on the loops we do and, oddly enough, the level of the lake. The trail, for practical purposes, is flat. Our trail recorder showed a total elevation change of 45 feet.

1 year ago

Starting in early afternoon, this hike took us through pine stands and hardwood forest, around many of the fingers of one section of Jordan Lake, with lots of ups and downs, crossing creeks and runoffs. The trail is suitable for trail running, but there are some rocky and muddy areas. The trail starts at the parking lot above the larger boat ramp parking lot. We went counterclockwise. The trail starts with both the red and blue trail markers - the blue trail is a 2.7 mile loop and the red trail adds another 2.7 mile loop to make it a 5.4 mile hike. The blue trail hikes mostly through Area A and the red through Area B, which is more interesting, has more hardwoods and is higher in elevation. We encountered lots of people walking their dogs on this trail and if you like a walk in the woods, it's a nice hike; if you prefer wide open ridge hiking like me, this is not the trail for you. Still we enjoyed it on a 50 degree winter day as line of sight is not encumbered by all the leaves on the trees. Was a good workout.

2 years ago

Quiet hike with no fee today. Easy hike on the red trail. Knocked it out with my 11 year old son in just over 2 hours.

2 years ago

No entrance fee in the winter. Very quiet and peaceful place to hike.