Fun hike. Lake views 90%. Cooling tower views make it different. Never v busy.

it's a beautiful trail just make sure watch for snakes and spider webs.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Nice trail for a family hike.

Nice hike along the lake. Harris Lake is a nice park with a playground, shelters, and some fun activities.

I've been here dozens of times, and there are some pretty cool places if you know where to go

Saw a deer with its fawn.

scenic driving
10 months ago

It was a nice day for the trip. I wish we still had a canoe.

scenic driving
10 months ago

Another one that we followed by car. It looks very worthy of a canoe/camping trip.

Beautiful trail with lots of nice wooded views. Was neat to pass by the nuclear power plant. If its been raining a lot it can get rather muddy, but even if you have to leave the trail to get around it, the trail follows the water line so it's easy to pick back up again.

I love this park lots of things for the family to do, for me hiking with my dog and camera. For the kids a great playground and lots of open space to fly a kite. Picnic shelters, grills etc. We like taking a family nature walk then grilling or picnicking & watching the kids play.

My family and I hiked this trail last week. It is a nice trail that follows the shore of Harris Lake. We also took the history trail I'd highly recommend this as well my kids enjoyed seeing the old buildings and historical sites. We hike here often with our dog.

4 years ago

Nice easy flat trail and fairly kid friendly. Playground a bonus, but the main event of hiking is sometimes overshadowed by the close proximity of the nuclear power plant.

For my first hike in NC I would have to say thing one was fantastic! It helped that it was a gorgous day with almost no other people on the trail. I saw great feathers and lizards, the noise of the lake was a little much but after about the second mile I figured out how to tune them out! Thanks.

4 years ago

Great trail for the family. The trail has a park and picnic tables. There are several trails to take and enjoy. Be prepared for ticks!

The Peninsula Trail at Harris Lake County Park is a great short and fun hike for individuals or families.

We spent Mothers Day morning on a quick hike to get some outside time before the rain set in. The canopy of the trees protected us from a light rain--and the view of the water was great with the rain coming down.

The ticks were really bad with an on-trail count of about 10-12 and after hike (man, dog and boy) of around 10+.

Very nice course for a quick hike and it was just as we remembered.