The address shown here is the trailhead, which is on the side of Fork Rd. For parking turn right into Jamestown Park (7041 e fork rd high point, NC), then take the next right into the parking lot. There are public bathrooms & picnic areas very close the parking lot. The parking lot is very close to the trailhead.

The trailhead leads to the bicentennial greenway. You can go straight or turn right once you reach the greenway. I stayed straight and walked past many dirt hiking trails, that I didn't explore on this hike. I enjoyed the greenway, some areas were hilly, but it's mostly flat. I saw some ducks, and a heron. There were bikers, runners, and other hikers using the greenway. I had a hard time understanding where I was one the map as it doesn't show the parking lot I parked it, I think next time I will park at the piedmont environmental center, so I will understand where I am on the map better.

To get a copy of the trail maps visit the piedmont environmental center ( 1220 Penny Road High Point NC 27265) or get the PDF version.


Nice walk

very scenic walk..starting to walk this weekly

I regularly hike and run the Deep River trail. It's a great escape for my weekly trail fix and it's 5 minutes from my house. Great views of the lake, awesome groves of pine trees, and great fall color are things to expect on this trail.