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Minutes from Durham, Hillsborough, and Chapel Hill the Eno River State Park offers secluded wilderness trails with the serenity of a clear river drifting and cascading over a rocky stream bed. The Eno River is a swift, shallow stream flowing from northwest Orange County into Durham County for 33 miles where it joins the Flat River to become the Neuse and flows into Falls Lake. Its waters roll through wilderness, passing historic mill sites, river bluffs covered with flowering shrubs, and fords used by early settlers. Rains can turn the river into a raging torrent, yet it quickly settles into a gentle current. It is a chain of rapids, pools, and riffles meandering through forest on a bed of rock. The valley of the river is narrow and steep walled. The rugged landscape is carved and sculpted by swift flowing water. Eno River State Park lies here, in the beauty of more than 3900 acres of natural resources. Five accesses Cabe Lands, Cole Mill, Fews Ford, Pleasant Green, and Pump Station offer entry into this largely unspoiled river environment.

2 days ago

on Bobbitt Hole Trail

4 days ago

on Bobbitt Hole Trail

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8 days ago

After a nice little hike through the woods, the trail comes out at Bobbitt Hole. We were able to cross over a few rocks and branches to go sit on some big rocks in the river for a little mini-picnic with snacks and water and let the kids take off their shoes to feel the icy cold water. There is also a log bench that overlooks the water. The rest of the trail goes along the river and can be followed to get to Dunnagan trail. Good scenery and lots of rocks to hike across. It was very pretty!

8 days ago

Nice trail, I chose this one after seeing pics of the Dunnagan gravesite. It was pretty neat, looks like there are actually 3 other graves right beside this one, but only one has an official headstone. Pretty scenery on the river side of the trail. You can see the pump ruins across the river. I'll definitely be going back to do the trails on the other side of the river! I had 3 kids with me that were tired from already walking the Bobbit Hole trail, so we didn't get to spend as much time on this one.

Lots of people and dogs on a Saturday but overall a good workout.

We live adjacent to this trail. It never gets old.

on Cox Mountain Trail

15 days ago