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Raptors soar gracefully in the wind; vegetation reaches to the sky; sheer vertical cliffs drop 150 feet. Enjoy the spectacle from a front-row seat. High atop Crowders Mountain, the second highest point in Gaston County, views stretch for more than 25 miles. For a closer view of nature's marvels, walk the park's many miles of trails. The gently rolling landscape of the North Carolina Piedmont offers a variety of terrain. Dip into the valleys; cross the foothills; climb to the peaks. Quiet woods, trickling streams and melodious birds await. These spectacular surroundings, like the unique habitats in many other state parks, would not exist were it not for the efforts of concerned citizens dedicated to protecting our environment.

7 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in the area. It's a relatively easy trail (it's uphill, but nothing too steep or technical) with a great reward at the end. One note - when you get to what you think is the end - the grand vista that looks south, you're not at the pinnacle of the mountain yet. Keep going to your right (east) and you'll wind your way to the actual pinnacle of the mountain where you get an almost 360 degree view (obstructed only to the east by a tree). Sunset/dusk views are incredible. Well worth the hike and effort.

The last .1mile is the hardest

Whew, glad we did it

Great trail to hike in NC with breathtaking view at the peak. The terrain can be be very rocky closer to the top. Highly recommend supportive hiking boots. Tough but rewarding workout.

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29 days ago

I would call it more Moderate than Hard. Not a long hike to the summit. You hike a gravel road instead of a trail and the overlook isn't spectacular. The view is mostly blocked by trees and you can't really sit at the main overlook to relax a bit. However there is a small secluded overlook right near the main one that not many people notice. Again most of the view is blocked by trees, but you can actually sit down and take in the beauty. Overall it's an OK hike.

First hike in a long time. I had a relatively easy time getting up the trail, and it didn't take long. The way up is surrounded by woods but you come out at the summit with amazing views of the surrounding area and the Appalachians to the west. Will be returning!

1 month ago

1 month ago

I'm from NY and we wanted to for a nice hike while in town and this was a very fun hike and was easy to follow. Beautiful views but be careful on the cliffs!

Great trail ends with a great view!

2 months ago

Nice fairly easy trail. The last half mile is a fairly steep ascent and will wear you out. Some nice views at the tops.


Great views!!