1 month ago

Great for walking your dog. There is a dog park off the trail. Usually lots of people walking and running. It's also great practice for 5k training.

2 months ago

Nice easy trek. Lots of families walking.

has a pretty view just not great for fishing. the fish are getting run over by turtles.

road biking
11 months ago

Great place to ride and walk

mountain biking
1 year ago


5 years ago

We like that Country Park is right down the street from our home off of Pisgah Church Rd. or can access through Natural Science Center rear parking lot off of Lawndale Ave. It is an easy speed walking opportunity. A lot of people believe that it is primarily for bike riders, but they are to yield right of way to walkers/runners. I'm still courteous and accommodating due to my increased flexibility having on shoes as opposed to a lot of theirs being strapped into their pedals.