Wow what a refreshing trail!
I would like to meet the reviewer that labeled this as moderate.

This trail can sway to the moderate/strenuous difficulty in my judgement.

Very well marked, many stopping points, and many information plaques all along the trails.

Nice easy hike.

Closed on Wednesdays?! What the heck?!

Nice workout...

5 months ago

this is a great place for pics if you know what you wanting to shoot. has a great veiw up top, with a gazebo. also a few homestead markers.

Pretty fun trail but not too many things to look at along the way. Definitely worth taking the orange trail to the gazebo and overlook!

trail running
6 months ago

A well marked and managed trail. Had an enjoyable run on the trail- enough elevation to get the heart rate up but so much elevation that the trail was over strenuous. Certain parts of the trail were scenic- the view and the creek with a waterfall was nice. I will be running this trail again the next time I am in Hickory.

Moderate. Not too steep, but definitely not level ground. Quick and pretty hike, clearly marked.

Not bad. A quick 2.5 miler that took an hour. Moderate is a good description.

Was a fairly easy trail, some steep hills but had a lot of benches along the way to stop and rest. The park ranger was friendly and told us which trails were best on the way up and down. The gazebo and dock overlooking the view were very nice and shaded to rest a bit once getting to the top. Took the blue trail and was about 2 hours round trip, but we weren't in a rush.

Loved this hike. Wasn't too hard and my dog loved it as well. Ranger is super nice.

OK hike you get to the top to look at water towers power lines and mobile homes, excellent hike for the family or novice hikers.

Outstanding family hike. Took the family up here 160216 the walk up was totally worth it. After a long weekend with the kids at home and having a snow day and extra day off the cabin fever was do to get worn out of them.

We had a blast. Unfortunately we departed our house kinda late in the afternoon and arrived at the park just about 1530. Took a bit to familiarize our selfs with trails before we set off. We notice too The park closed at 1700, so we began our accede on one of the trails near by. The scenery and sounds of the woods to the kids was awesome.Got 21 questions and the some.

As a Marine I was taught navigation skills and other skill sets while I was in the service. Its amazing to pass on to them some skills I was taught.

Mid way we notice the time flew by and started taking short cuts though not straying too far off the path. We made it to the top of the look out took a moment and then began our decent back down the trail. We were met by the park ranger at the end of the trail and asked hey y'all enjoy the trail. We replied with a yes sir it was outstanding. We humbly apologized for being late and not making the time by closing. He said ah don't mention it happens a lot. Definitely looking to do it again.

Great moderate hiking trail. The views were beautiful and they do a really good job at maintaining the trails.

This hike is only 10 minutes from our house so it is our fallback if we want to get in a quick hour of exercise on the trails. The forest floor is covered with leaves right now so it is a very "crunchy" walk and good at hiding rocks and roots! Red trail loop is 2.5 miles and 750 vertical as above so about an hour if you keep moving. There are lots of shorter hikes or combinations to mix it up. Our dog loves this trail as well and starts whining when we are still a mile away. Frank and the other Rangers are excellent!! Trails are now open every day but Wednesday, 9-5 through the winter. See the link below for current hours etc.