5 months ago

I enjoy this park for most of the year. The summer can be difficult to hike with the constant nag of gnats and mosquitos. The trail from sweet hollow road going north will always have horse dung because the trail is primarily a bridle trail. There are other trails to enjoy with plenty of beautiful trees and flowers. The trails are best enjoyed during the Fall and Spring season. Plenty of options to choose when hiking because there are numerous trails to enjoy. If you're looking for a quiet hike to enjoy for a few hours then this is the place!

Decent challenge, but theres horse droppings and the smell nearly everywhere and you have to cross two roads to do the full 7.5 trail. It wasnt extremely scenic but it was alright, I have no clue where those pictures of the water came from, I went north and south as I could and didnt see anything of that sort.

horseback riding
7 months ago

I've been riding & walking these trails for decades. They're terrific, especially considering they're surrounded by major highways & suburbia. Often never see another person & feel like I have it all to myself. Great county park.

7 months ago

Nice trail. Parking is free and out of the hustle and bustle if the park. We hiked the whole trail and had trails mostly to ourselves. Some wider trails for horses too but lots of horse poop on them. The trail is well marked. Follow the white blazes and your sure to have a very nice walk. Bring spray as well as it was very buggy today.

trail running
7 months ago

I found this trail with the app while staying at the Melville Marriott and liked it. I did a mile or two extra because of my poor sense of direction but no big deal. I didn't see any of the horse manure that others talked about. I also didn't see another person while I was running and the quiet was nice. There were some hills, but the trail is not at all technical. All told I enjoyed it.

Growing up in Huntington you see the beauty of Mother Earth continually slip away year after year. This trail represents that beauty that once was and I'm happy that it's preserved. The trails are nice and the best trail in the preserve is marked by white lines in paint on trees, courtesy of the greenbelt conference of Long Island. Definitely worth a few hours of your time!

Great hike to walk good amount of uphill and downhill and good views.

8 months ago

The nearby horse stables use the trails for horseback riding. Consequently, you'll find yourself ankle deep in horse dung through a lot of the trail. The inevitable flies hover around the ground. Some nice views and I read somewhere that the site has the highest point on Long Island but I can't get past the horse dung.

Easy hike but took a group of men and boys from the church. They had a hard time keeping up. It was a beautiful day. They were impressed that we made it to the rock. Supposed highest place on Long Island. Looking forward to doing different hikes with the group. Did the hike on 12/12.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Not clearly marked but a beautiful quiet trail

Not clearly marked. We followed the red dot trail but continuously veered off. Otherwise nice, easy and pretty.

1 year ago

Nice easy trail

1 year ago

I started this hike from the Reservoir Road entrance. Go all the way to the end of Reservoir Road and park on the right. Enter the woods on the right. The trail will veer to the left and going this way you will get to the top of Jaynes Hill pretty quickly. However, you need to follow the trail down and take it all the way out to the picnic area by the West Hills Park parking area. Here you can relax at one of the benches and have a lunch before heading back as you came. Note that the trail heading back to Reservoir Road is more challenging with some decent inclines and the 43 steps back the top of Jaynes Hill is a nice work out.

The trail is marked pretty well in my opinion. There are both single and double blazes but they seem to both stay on the same trail. If you feel uncertain of following the trail or getting lost bring a compass and have a mobile device that can access Google maps. The app will give you a satellite view and you can see where you are and monitor your trek periodically to make sure you are going where you want to go.

The trail is not very crowded and it is a peaceful hike. I would consider the trail to be between easy and moderate. The only bad part is that the path uses horse trails at times and the ground, rocks and mini boulders can be hard on your feet. And of course you need to watch where you step.

The West Hills Park trail is basically the same trail as Walt Whitman Revisited.

If you start out in West Hills County Park enter at the dog park entrance which is on Sweet Hollow Road. Between Memorial Day & Labor Day there is an attendant and it costs $ 13 to park. If you don’t want to pay you can go to Reservoir Road and enter there.

Once you enter the parking area turn left and go down to the end near the bathroom building. The picnic area is on your right. Walk through the picnic area and enter the woods. Keep moving to your left and you will pick up the white trail blazes. There are both single and double blazes but they seem to both stay on the same trail. While there are spots where you come to a fork in the trail and you have not seen a blaze mark for a while the trail is marked pretty well. If you come to one of those aforementioned forks just follow one path for a while. If you see a trail blaze just keep going. If you don’t see a blaze go back and try the other path and you will likely pick it up there.

The trail will end at Reservoir Road. You will know you are near the road when you pass an abandoned playground and falling down bathroom building. Continue down the path and you will see a gate which is the end of Reservoir Road. Turn around and follow the trail back.

The trail is not very crowded and it is a peaceful hike. I would consider the trail to be between easy and moderate. There are some elevations to get through and the 43 steps to the top of Jaynes Hill is a nice work out. The only bad part is that the path uses horse trails at times and the ground, rocks and mini boulders can be hard on your feet.

You can bring a lunch pack with you. There are some spots with benches where you can take a break and relax for a few minutes.

All in all a nice trail and there are enough offshoots to explore if you have the time to spend.

Ok. Too much horse manure on the Amal trail

This trail was really nice with a lot of ups and downhills. Park in the West Hills Park dog park and walk through the picnic area to find the entrance, it's not very clearly marked. There are a lot of little offshoots from this trail, some that lead to dead ends, but that added a little bit of fun to it.

Nice beginners trail with moderate inclines and clearly marked blazes. Good for trail running, light hiking, and dog walking. You can enter this trail by either parking in West Hills County Park, near the dog run, or driving to the end of Reservoir Road and parking along the street. If you park in West Hills Country Park, walk towards the woods through the picnic area closest to the horse stables, once on the trail look for white blazes. Follow the white blazes (Walt Whitman Trail) for about 1.9 miles, ending at Reservoir Road (There will be an abandoned playground and bathrooms). Turn around and follow the white blazes back to the parking area for a 3.8 mile loop. There are many offshoot trails which are used by horses, you can hike on these as well, however keep your eyes on the ground unless you want to step in something ;). Horses are not allowed on the Walt Whitman Trail; however, you will find a few inconsiderate "high-brows" who feel the rules don't apply to them. The loop takes about an hour and a half walking at a moderate pace.

2 years ago

Loved this hike
Cons: parking is $13 I think it may only be in season though. Also not sure if you have to be suffolk resident as it is county park. We went when there was a horse show. No one asked for $. You need to Watch out for horse droppings even on trails that says no horses allowed.
Big problem is that the trails are not marked that well. You can't really get too lost, but you can walk in circles.
Pros: not too much traffic. Very pretty.