Beautiful park in a wonderful part of town.

Nice level trails, the overlook is well worth the quick, but steep climb!

Great place to hike and camp out

Great trail, need to go back and add the rock trail to this.

The reason we like this place is the variety of trails. Get a map at the entrance and choose a section. They have facilities and the place gets crowded on weekends, but most of the people are there to picnic and bicycle; you usually have the trails to yourself. Good place for beginners and younger children.

This is a reservation, so you can't swim or fish. It's a nice hike but that's about it... If you like to camp, then they do have awesome cabins/spots for camping. You just can't enjoy the water ;-/

Unfortunately it's $10 to park inside. No mountain biking allowed, boo! Great hiking trails with amazing views and scenic hidden rock formations.

2 years ago

I fell so much in love with the park and the trail that I called the park ranger from the trail to establish a camp reservation for July 4th weekend. The young gentlemen at the front gate suggested how to obtain my 7.5 mile hike using the Leatherman trail and marked it for me on the trail map. Fellow hikers on the trail were helpful and pleasant. Rarely was the trail flat, which I very much enjoyed. In total it took me 1hr 58 min. As a petite female, it felt very safe to travel alone :)

With more than 35 miles of trails, a hiker can return to Pound Ridge many times. With many historical treasures hidden deep in the woods like Bear Rock Petroglyph and ruins of a CCC camp make Pound Ridge more than just a nature preserve.

3 years ago

Great place to hike with kids. Easy to follow trails. Leatherman trail had some decent hills and fairly easy climbs. Perfect for a brisk fall day.

Nice trail systems through some very old and interesting areas. I wish I had a trail map as I was lured down many of the secondary/offshoot trails but became nervous as to my way back at the end. Many EERILY quiet places exuding no sounds birds, no insects etc etc with a sense that something you cant see was there and aware of you ;)

4000+ acres of mostly wooded rails that criss cross and intersect frequently. Trail map makes navigating a lot easier as it can be slightly confusing if not familiar.

Mildly challenging at the south end with limited views overall, the good view point is on the south west side overlooking the Rez.

Lots of lean to's and a few campsites. Expansive, quiet, low traffic make it a reclusive place albeit expensive at $10 a visit.

A lot to see. Decent hike. Cover a lot of ground fast. Occasionally challenging.
Not too good in foul weather.

Many paths were overgrown and wet. Progress slowed in the often muddy puddles that sucked the boots loose. Dogs had difficulty walking and were becoming tick laden.
Some impressive views and very light traffic made it feel like you were in your own little world.

Lots of trails that are versatile enough to be challenging but any skill level can enjoy the park if they stick to there comfort level . with lots of little things to see including a wigwam, wild flower garden, Indian rockshelter, and even a petroglyph. We only got their a third of the park(9 miles or so) and will definitely be going back. There are bathrooms, play grounds, bathrooms and picnic areas as wells as a museum (which we have yet to visit) and everything is marked on an easy to read map. The trails were well marked too and easy to follow. The cost to get in is 8 dollars per car which is the reason for the loss of a star but it's worth it if your going to spend the day. All in all great hike.