Very nice walk through the woods! The trails are marked well and we did the blue/red/orange/yellow/red trail for 5.4 miles. We saw only 3 people in the parking lot that we never saw again. There was a man with 3 children coming in while we were leaving. We were going to do a trail along the Hudson, but after reading how crowded they get... this was PERFECT! It was also perfect in that it is 9/10 and to remember those fallen on 9/11, 15 years ago, was fitting.

The view was amazing! My boyfriend and I did this trail. We took the path that was extremely steep at first a bit hard but very nice. The view was worth the hike. Breathtaking. The water wasn't flowing much when we went as well. A little sad but hopefully next time it will be flowing more

Kids were happy to put feet in water on red trail. Hiked blue trail back to parking, pretty steep

Dog friendly kid friendly fun

Nice trails; fairly challenging.

Nice trails, well maintained. I use them often with my dog for hiking and dog walks. Something for everyone here. From the parking lot on Haviland Hollow: the red triangle trail is a mostly level but tends to get boggy in wet weather. The solid red trail is a bit more uphill but manageable. Both lead to a scenic waterfall. The blue triangle and solid blue have much steeper inclines and are much better suited for avid hikers. These lead up to the orange and yellow trails which have wonderful view points and a 9/11 memorial. The updated maps are much appreciated.

nice area with trails of varying difficulty. The overlook is beautiful in the summer with loads of wild blueberries on the way.

Blue trail is challenging.

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1 year ago

This is a great place to train for OCR's. The outer Red-->Orange-->Blue trail offers a 6.5mi loop with approx. 1,250ft in elevation gain. Most of the gain is tackled in the last couple miles on Blue. There is not much traffic here aside from some dog walkers and hikers. See my recent track here:

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1 year ago

Great terrain, challenging Hills, decent elevation, Beautiful landscape, minimal traffic, good trail markings.

The hike is pretty cool. Tons of trails to choose from.

Really enjoyed this hiking area. The GPS takes you right to the parking lot where you can start up the tougher blue trail or the more moderate red. the blue trail is the steepest I encountered by far, but the orange can be a bit steep once you cross the stream you will run into. The little waterfalls are very nice with a bridge to cross and all trails are very well marked. Just note that there are a few trails that's were marked at places designated outside of county land that did not have markings. Also every trail seems to have a side loop trail marked with triangles linking them to others. The 9/11 firefighter memorial was very touching and the view from there was decent. Overall took two of us about three hours with normal trail shoes on, but if you have them wear something with stiffer soles as it can be rocky at points.