19 days ago

Did this hike just after Christmas. There were about 12 inches of snow on the ground. I used snowshoes with pretty decent teeth. It was a great hike. Lots of water to cross, had to remove snowshoes a couple times because the stream was too wide to jump over. Trail comes up behind chair two of Greek Peak ski resort. View was very pretty when you come out under the power lines. Well marked where it gets a bit tricky. Very enjoyable.

I parked in the grassy area on the corner of Odell and Bladwin rd. And the took the trail beginning with the wooden bridge on Odell rd. (There is no trailhead sign from what I saw). Then just follow the white markings. The first half of the trail was beautiful! Through the woods and very well marked, when you come out of the woods at the top the view is very pretty! I was not a huge fan of walking the rest of the trail primarily on exposed gravel road (and neither was my pup). Also of note, the trail markers change from white paint to orange paint by the electrical towers. I thought I was lost because I noticed no more white stripes, so I took a different way and luckily found someone who pointed me in the right direction. They said that following the towers would also have brought me to the right place.

Walked this trail this afternoon combined with Dabes Diversion Loop for a 9.1 miles figure 8 hike. Beautiful view of the Valley from Greek Peak and an overall nice trail even if muddy at times. Conditions were perfect for a late fall hike with temperature in the mid to high 40s and blue, sunny sky!

A little muddy of a trail after light snow the night before... Relatively easy of a trail, well marked (blue and white blaze). Lovely scenery with a great number of different trees adding to the variety!

So beautiful! It was pretty muddy, particularly the first mile. (understandable given how much it's rained recently!) Once you got up in elevation the conditions improved. The view from the top of the mountain was stunning. This trail can be combined with with the Dabes-Diversion trail to make a longer hike.

Lovely hike. Well marked trails. It has rained quite a bit in the last few weeks and the trails were very muddy. But a fun hike even with lots of mud.

We tried this one the last weekend in April. There were no signs or no trail markings. The entrance to what we believed was the trail was partially blocked by brush piles. We walked around it but It was too wet due to late snow melt. We probably went a mile up the road and turned back at the high point. It was quiet as a church with dense pine on one side and deciduous forest on the other.

I hike this trail many times a year as I live close. I often start on Tone Road to increase the length. Is also great to pick blackberries when they are out. This is my favorite trail to hike as it is great exercise and is like my Home trail.

Good hike. The trail is marked well and is a vigorous hike. We parked on the corner of Odell Rd. and Baldwin Rd. and walked up Odell to the spot where the trail goes into the woods. A fairly new small wooden bridge spanning the ditch marks the spot. The path took us between small trees and across creek beds. It was very enjoyable. We came out of the woods on Van Donsell Rd. We could have continued across the road and follow the trail into the woods on the other side but we chose to turn right and follow the road instead. We walked the road for quite a distance till we came to an intersection where we turned right again. This road took us down hill a short distance to another intersection where we took yet another right, which took us down a very long steep hill, which turned out to be Baldwin Rd. where we had parked our vehicle. Some of the roads we walked were marked Limited Seasonal Highways and some spots were in poor condition so we didn't drive them like we wanted to to measure how far we had walked. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful hike through the woods. Thanks to the people who keep the trails clean and marked well. My family really appreciate you.

A nice enjoyable hike in the woods... The trail was covered with wet leaves (it had rained the night before) and was a little slippery but overall very enjoyable. Well marked trail (both the Finger Lake Trail - white blazed - and the orange trail), which does not seem to be very traveled

I try to hike this loop at least once per season, I really like this one and it is pretty well maintained.

Get out here if you can - well worth it!

Great hike, worth the drive. Fairly remote parking area. Great elevation changes and the hollow area is magical. The lean to is well kept as is the trail.

This is a great hike taking you to the highest point in Cortland county. It winds through some beautiful forest areas and you can hook up with the Dabes Diversion loop to make a figure 8 hike just under 9 miles.

Don't miss this one!