Great hike, highly recommend. Hike involves a little bit of climbing, but nothing that's too hard. Took the yellow trail to the white trail. Follow the white trail for about 40 mins to the peak.

Some steep climbing but mostly a walk through the woods and then some great views in all directions. Loved looking north to Mt Washington in the Berkshires. Up and back only takes a couple of hours altogether, unless you kick it at the summit or wherever.

Rough trail at one point wall climbing ... but the view is worth it and you hike south brace then brace mountain... kill two birds with one stone... if you're good or experienced go but bring someone ... i went by myself and all my trails but like one or two i have gone by myself ... love this stuff

4 months ago

The views are definitely worth the climb. The first 0.8 miles is a very strenuous uphill/climb and I wouldn't recommend it for small children or those with debilitating health problems. I went in late August so the waterfall that others have been talking about wasn't there at all because it's so dry right now! The hike is a great workout and the 360 degree views of the hilly Hudson Valley, other Taconic peaks, and the Catskills in the distance are worth every step. The climbing up portion is tough but I actually was more nervous coming down because it's so steep, so take your time! I only saw two groups of two the whole trail so it feels like you have the woods to yourself. Really spectacular views and terrain change.

The trails are well maintained, there are quite a few informational placards scattered about (both historical and ecological in nature), and the skill-level was exactly what I wanted for a "quick hike" with my kids (ages 10 and 15). My only (teeny tiny) complaint is that the trails aren't marked at the junction; thankfully it is easy enough to select the correct trail based on the map.

great walk! 5 women ages 50+ and a wonderful yellow lab thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful hike.

4th time up there in as many months. Hiked from Quarry Rd trailhead, over the top of Brace and down to the Tri State marker. A little buggy this time of year - lots of dragon flies and other bugs pecking at you. A few snakes. But it's well worth it as you reach the summit. The marker was cool. Etched on one side is the year 1898. The other sides read "MASS" and "NY". Someone painted CT on the 4th side in purple. Looks like that was a very recent addition.

Tried it again today with my 8 year old. She couldn't make it past the initial ascent. Probably not for kids.

Just completed Brace Mountain today. It is very challenging - once the initial ascent is finished the trail levels out. Awesome views, beautiful waterfall and streams. It was well marked in the wooded areas. Where there are no trees you have to look out for white blazes on the rocks. Don't mistake the white quartz in the rock surface for the blazes. Highly recommended.

This is a gorgeous walk with a steady, but not taxing upward walk until reaching the hight of land, then a gradual descent upon the return. A real tresure.

Great for all ages and skill levels. Handicapped accessible and beautiful views.

Beautiful trails

Difficult near top, slippery with dead leaves

1 year ago

Good challenging hike for sure! Trail was really steep at some parts; had to go on all fours to get past a couple of boulders. The trail is horrendously marked... I got lost maybe 6 or 7 times, and kept guessing on what was the actual trail/what was not. I don't recommend doing this hike when it is wet. I did it when it was dry and I slipped a few times. Also a few parts of the trail were really overgrown, but the views were great. Would I recommend this trail? I guess so! Would I do it again? Probably not.