3 years ago

Very pretty areas of this park. Dogs allowed. Fee to park in summer. Playground, restrooms available. Row boats for rent. And there is a stable outside the park to the West side where I think they do trail rides in the park. I walked in to the north of the parking area, and headed up the main trail, veering off to the right at the frok. It takes you to a really nice little dam over the river. We usually turn back the way we came, since we tried to make a loop by crossing the river and heading south on the other side, and that took a long time- about 2 hours total of walking. Camping available. Watch for ticks- I haven't seen them yet here- but we are very careful since my daughter got Lyme's disease last Spring.

4 years ago

Believe it or not this is Suffolk County's first county park! Cool right, but this park has a lot more then just biking to offer. The trails are used by day trip hikers, horseback riding, and so much more. The Carmen's River is has fresh water fishing you can kayak. This park is also great for family reunion type BBQ's. An over all pleasant park. Just watch out for the swans they are fast!!! :)