Storm King State Park offers unsurpassed views of the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. Hikers and hunters enjoy this undisturbed green space. Park is undeveloped. There are no toilets and limited parking.

Great hike for the family. My kids love to scramble while I prefer a trail and there was plenty of both. Beautiful views and fun terrain.

very nice, orange to the yellow and white back. lots of great scenery and cool places to adventure.

great hike I parked on 9w and went went up Butler hill to the storm king mountain peak and back down. I've done this hike a few times and would suggest picking a weekday if you can it can get pretty crowded on weekends, especially in early summer and fall. Still a few cool place with lots of awesome veiws

This hike is great because it has lots of options.
We ended up parking at the yellow trail head on mountain road instead of 9W and doing the loop from there.
You can take the yellow trail to the blue/red trail and take the steeper route or take yellow the whole way for an easier route to the vistas.

We did this hike on a mid day whim with ease. you will break a sweat but won't be knee shakingly tired at the end

This was a great short hike. Several places for views, different terrain throughout. Parking lot fills quick

None of these reviews inform you that there is a rocky incline you need to walk to get to the marsh. Not terrible, probably not even the worst in the area, but definitely a workout and UNEXPECTED. I went fully anticipating an easy hike, but it wasn't a pleasant stroll through the woods. Then again the two hills back to the car were worse.

My first hike in NYC and I loved every minute. Such amazing views at every peak. I can't wait for my family to visit so I can go again!

It was a nice day for hiking, weather was perfect, amazing view!

Lovely!! Nearly 360 views from summit, but many little chances to get off the trail and see an unusual and amazing sight!! Definitely a tough climb in a few spots, but thank goodness you don't have to come back down that way. Overall moderate. Some of my favorite views of the Hudson. Ample parking. Nice and quiet-- we only saw 2 other hikers the whole day. Only took an hour and a half! Would definitely do again

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Hiking in the nice view

Unbelievable views and a very tough climb to the summit! One of the best trails in our region!

Solid hike with steep ups and great views. Once you've gone past the opening scramble it's fairly easy with the occasional uphill surge, totally worth it.

I would suggest going up the triple orange trail to the summit. especially if you have a dog, I had to boost her a few times. it's also a shorter, but much steeper climb to the summit and the trails heading back to parking area are easy to go down, especially with a dog. I went up orange, followed green/ yellow and then got onto white and if I were to do it again, I wouldn't change. gorgeous hike and the views are well worth the effort to get there!

We started to the left of the loop so we had a pretty steep climb up but once we got to the top it was well worth the 360 degree view. I would say a more-than-moderate climb up the mountain, however, our 6 year old did it (with a bit of whining.)