15 days ago

This was a great hike for me and my dog. The trails are better suited for biking however we enjoyed them a lot. Definitely worth going back to again!

trail running
16 days ago

Always enjoy walking this trail. Love the meadow towards the end .

mountain biking
1 month ago

2 months ago

Very buggy but a great time

It was a good trail. Great trail if you have a bike. Lots of bugs at points, bring repellent!

3 months ago

Really more of a nature walk than a hike. If you are used to more challenging hikes in the Hudson Valley, this will be an easy trail. Well marked, small slopes, no true elevation. I took the "double black diamond" trails as often as possible and stuck to the "harder" trails.

Mostly through woods, so make sure to bring a good bug spray and use it liberally! Woods also keeps temps a bit warmer than expected, close and humid.

Overall, a fun 3hr walk.

This trail is pretty good. I usually start from the cold spring harbour end. The cold spring stretch gives you a really good workout. Few areas in between do tend to get swampy after the rain.

nice work out and scenic ride

mountain biking
4 months ago

Great place to go for mountain biking
Moderate skill will be good enough
Some hills are challenging, but it's doable

Trails were great. Primarily for mountain bikes, so heads up.

Fun as quick loop do all. The black diamonds make this worthwhile.

5 months ago

This is our favorite trail. There are some challenging hills, but it's definitely an interesting place to explore. The weekends prove to be difficult, as hikers share the trails with cyclists. So many unusual plants, and we've seen some pretty impressive snakes. Be respectful of all, be responsible, and honor the preserve by leaving it as still and peaceful as you found it.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Nice single track. A little sandy at times if your an aggressive rider but definitely a great spot to add to your riding list! It's a great place practice a lot of skills.

Good. Over my head some spots.

This is indeed a nice place for a weekend stroll. There are a few trails that run through these woods. The Greenbelt trail runs through here, there is a Yellow trail and another with Blue blazes which is used almost exclusively by bikers.

My wife and I took the Yellow trail with our dogs. The bulletin board need the trail head says the trail is about 4 miles and this website says it’s 3.2. It’s actually somewhere in between at about 3.5 miles. The trail is a loop and is very well marked. The first few 10th’s of a mile start out as flat and easy. Once in the woods there are a lot a hills and ups and downs. None of the hills are that big or particularly steep. A good part of the trail is similar to a bridal/horse trail so you will be dealing with loose sand and lots of rocks. I would rate the trail as somewhere between easy and moderate.

One disturbing observation was the number of dogs off leash. Bikers bring their dogs and expect they will just keep up and follow them. That doesn’t always happen. Not long after we started out we came across two teen age girls holding some biker’s dog who got lost and they were waiting for him to come back and get the dog. Unbelievable! There are even hikers who let their dogs roam around off leash. Just keep this in mind if you come here. I am rating this a 3 because of that.