Great! Loved the sites! Hiking was peaceful can't wait to get back

mountain biking
8 months ago

Went down the 7 mile single track. Very fun. Lots of roots makes it a rugged trail through most of it. Some good fast downhill trails. Overall a very fun ride. Not too challenging.

This trail is right in my back yard and I use it often. I actually access it from the Craneridge development, but you can catch my trail from the upper meadow just north of the administration building (past the creek). You can park there and access the trail at the wooded side of the meadow about 3/4 of the way down from the shelters. From there you'll hike next to a creek, cross it and then head up into the hills and crosses the top of the sledding hill. The trail weaves in and out of the woods and then there is a sharp uturn at Foote Road which will lead you back to the upper meadow. Great scenery along the way, very relaxing and just about any skill level can handle it.

I love this park. Camping , mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing. This county park has it all.

Today was our first hike here. I had heard there was only one 2 mile long trail here but there are actually multiple hiking trails as well as numerous others which can also be used for mountain biking and cross country skiing. This is a traditional southern tier type of hike. A good amount of small hills, good views of the ravine and many little creeks winding through it. There are miles and miles of trails here and we plan to head back to hike a bunch more.

The trail markers are limited from the parking lot so finding the trails was a little difficult. My recommendation, from the main entrance, head to the right towards some campsites. Behind campsites 12 and 13 you can find the Spruce Brooke trail which you can follow into the woods. If you follow this trail for 35 min or so you'll eventually find a really nice trail map in the MIDDLE of the woods. Its the weirdest place for a trail map but it helps you understand where you are, where you came from and where you're going. I heard the local wny mountain biking association website has good maps of this area cause it appears to be great for mountain biking.

From the entry parking lot the closest trail is tim's trail. Unless you are just looking for a half mile scenic walk on the top of the ridge, don't waste your time with this trail, it doesn't really get you anywhere.

We like hiking, not necessarily just nature walking, and have to admit that this place is really an awesome hidden jewel. W can't wait to go back again!

mountain biking
4 years ago

Had a few BSA trips when i was younger here. Lots of open space and woods mix. large creek. Just took our MTN bikes out there to try the trails. We had a blast! i'll be going back to see more of the trails. maps for mtn biking found on WNYMBA site.

This is one of Erie Countrys well keept secrets. L have camped here with BSA for afew years great veiws .There are more then one trail

There is more than one trail in the park. I have hiked, snowshoed, and cross country skied there. All the trail are hilly, but not too arduous. The cross country skiing is to the right from the entrance. It is NOT for beginners, some steep hills.