Short but cool little less trail easy

on Six-Mile Creek Trail

2 months ago

I did the short loop with a jogging stroller. it was beautiful and quite easy. it looks like the longer trail would be hard for a stroller so I will be using my carry pack

First time here! There are many many stairs, but the entire walk is beside the falls. Absolutely beautiful !!
Parking is tough, and if you have bad knees/hips, bring a walking aid to help up the stairs.

easy walk. even though it is dry, it was a nice little walk

5 months ago

Almost no parking, so explore the side streets around a bit first. The entire hike is short, but stairs so I wouldn't try if just beginning hiking. I'm still sore. Beautiful waterfalls stuck right in downtown.

I walked the straight gravel path to the end and back. It's flat and easy; good for running. Not much to see.

hard to find a place to park, very nice short hike

beau sentier dans cette ville universitaire. a deux pas de tout les services.

Decent hike right around campus

11 months ago

A nice short walk up a set of stairs to the top of the falls and back down; a little over 1.1 miles and quite nice even on a cloudy day... Nice waterfalls all along the trail!

I came in from rt 79 to potters falls just use caution as the trail is steep and you may in counter nudity at potters falls

trail running
1 year ago

Pretty trail, with a nice lake at the end. I tried exploring a pretty waterfall and a trail from there but ended up getting lost. Good trail for a jog.

trail running
1 year ago

Pretty good trail. Lots of offshoots and places to explore. Once you get to know it it's a great jog. Many waterfalls and places to swim