Good hike to a 360 view of unobstructed rolling mountains and hills . Continue on Turquoise path for a nice rugged woods,stream, and hills experience.We pass the end of AllTrails marker and continue Turquoise markers . This hike is longer than 5.2 in and out. Had my Garmin watch on to indicate our travel. I definitely recommend this path for all who are in good health.

I started on the Trestle Trail on Otterkill Rd and this was my first ever hike on a mountain. I went in excited and came back absolutely battered. The views at the top are amazing but I WARN you that if you are a out of shape beginner like me, start at an easier mountain. There were lots and lots of climbing, rock scrambling and some steep descents here as I unwittingly had to explore a lot more of the trails then I intended. Trails are marked but be aware at some intersections. You can miss a trail marking easily at some points. Definitely bring a trail map. I got lost twice and had a long grueling hike back to the car. If your a fit person this place will be an awesome adventure. Overall Schunemunk mountain is amazing and as you head further up towards the summit the views just gets better and better. Bring lots of water and be ready for a workout!

This is a great trail. Great in both the ascent & descent. It's starts flat in the meadows but doesn't stay that way.

Fun and challenging hike.

on Long Path Trail

4 months ago

Fun hike. Lots of wild life. I saw 2 black bear cubs, 2 deer, and lots of rattlesnakes.

Quite a Challenging hike. Mostly uphill and strenuous. There are some difficult narrow rock scrambles. Gorgeous views

Did the 9 mile loop with western trail (Orange). The track recording failed so sorry folks. Laurels were blooming, blueberries out (ate some) and yes bear, Saw a bear. Wonderful and whimsical cairns and rock trail indicators. Loved the start and finish through the meadow and the 3 mile Ridge walk. One of the best in downstate.

Pretty & technical, love the 3 peaks it has awesome views 360 degrees, those dwarf pine trees are so beautifu.

I went on a 75 degree day in November, so while it was beautiful weather, lots of leaves on the ground made for some slippery downhills. But even with the foliage colors hiding some markers, their wpnderful placement made finding them a breeze (slight exception on the trail down to Otterkill in a few spots--but ground leaves probs to blame).

This was an amazing hike! Different terrains involved which was nice. Easy to get lost in some parts so pay attention to the markers. We did the 12 mile loop and was well worth it!

Hiked a combination of trails at the Munk yesterday. One of the nicer trails. Views east, west and north are spectacular. The Megaliths are not to be missed. Terrain is quite varied. Quite a few scrambles. My track entered on the Otterkill Rd trailhead, using the Trestle Trail and covered a south leg, traversing the western peak, looped over to the eastern peak on the Ridge-to-Ridge trail;; to the Megalith; back on Jessup along the ridge of the eastern peak. Two rattlesnake were sunning on the western Orange trail.. Max elevation at the Megaliths is 1664'

This was a tough hike, but the scenery was amazing. The water areas were beautiful, and the water sparking clear. We saw two small snakes on the trail, and got a quick peek at a gorgeous white tail deer. Remnants of stone walls in parts of the trails were a nice attraction. There were some tough scrambles, and the views at the top were absolutely gorgeous. Even the train tracks gave it a rustic feeling.

This was a really great trail. We did about 10 miles and each part of the trail was unique and different from the part before. Well cared for with absolutely beautiful vistas. Other trail goers had marked the trail with logs and branches and cairns. It was fascinating and special. Would highly recommend. Very strenuous though. Be prepared for a workout.

Went up on the Jessup Trail and down on Sweet Clover. Both ways were relatively low impact. Views from the top were phenomenal on a foggy morning.

Love this place. First hike here and it was superbly maintained. Followed Jessup Trail all the way through to Kiras Joel, had a friend drive me back to my car after a stop at the German Biergarten. Great ridge hike, awesome views. Only thing that gets an F on this hike is AllTrails tracking software. Aside from that a great day! 14 mile hike - sweet!