8 days ago

Beautiful this time of year -- the leaves are starting to change. Peaceful and terrific place to bring my pup for his first nature hike. Flat terrain for easy walking. Nice wide trail for bigger groups if needed. Great for children and dogs.

It was a good hike to do with a group of friends that wanted a short hike and escape the hustle and bustle of the City. We caught the metro north up from Manhattan and short uber ride later we started the hike. Not strenuous and was quite enjoyable!

Good morning hike

4 months ago

Nice easy access trail , good amount of parking. Varied scenery, woods, large rocks, some wet lands , streams and small bridges. Great for trail running - length of run can be made longer by connecting to other trails.

Pleasant walk. Very accessible, free parking too.

The park provides a pleasant stroll through the woods. Nothing particularly notable, but there are some interesting boulders and we saw several black squirrels. It's a little close to some major roads so we were able to hear the traffic for most of the walk.

I really enjoyed this hike. It was fairly easy and paths were pretty clear though as someone else mentioned it could have been marked a little better. The whole loop was closer to three miles and it certainly felt like we got a little bit of a work out in. Fun hike, would do it again. Also parking is free which is great.

Great for family and dogs. Lots of dogs off leash though.

It was not a moderate trail, this trail is hard and for the casual hiker is a dangerous trail where no children or pets should be allowed. That being said, it is a fun, challenging trail where you need concentration and stamina. Can't wait to do it again!

Fairly nice & easy hike. Beautiful surroundings. Saw chipmunks, a frog and a snake. Pretty shallow steam. Could be marked a little better otherwise I liked it very much!

trail running
1 year ago

Great for running!

on Saxon Woods Park Trail

2 years ago

Pretty boring trail, no good scenes . At least it was clean. Probably good for little kids

Nice pleasant trail which lasted about an hour. Too bad the markings were a little confusing.

mountain biking
3 years ago

4 stars

mountain biking
3 years ago

I Mtn bike back there all of the time. there are more trails on the other side of the highway that link to the main park in 2 spots. Fun riding with some decent technical stuff in spots.

3 years ago

Cool trail, but why isn't it open for bikes??

3 years ago

Wasn't too impressed. Nice area but the trails were a little confusing.

I have walked this trail many times, all seasons. It is closer to 3 miles depending on which cut-throughs you use. I combine the north and south trails and with the connecting path it comes to just over 7 miles.

Nice walk, my gps said it was more along the lines of 3.3 miles. Didn't notice very much garbage (aside from the couch inside the stone house along the way)

Beautiful granite outcroppings, glacial erratics and natural geological features, would be perfect except for the eye soaring trash and litter all over the place it really takes away from the beauty!