Went there this weekend lots of snow ice cave and waterfall was closed I walked right up to the entrance the ice cave and completely frozen over 5 inches to 8 inches of ice it was a good walk very slippery good work out in the snow The incline to the top of the hill was not bad at all

great views and the ice caves are fun to hike through!

Cool hike considering the ice caves and the outstanding views. On the downside you barely hike any of this trail. You end up driving 2,500 ft up to the parking lot, paying 10 dollars, and then hiking 500 ft up an easy pebble road. After i have seen the ice caves and and the vista i drove around the mountain to see the lake & 70 ft waterfall. Definitely worth the drive around the mountain. Overall very cool place if you are looking for great views with an easy hike.

This is a very easy trail. The most difficult part would be the Ice Caves if you're not paying attention to your steps. Beautiful views.

Had a great time!!! My daughter loved the ice caves, wasn't to difficult of a climb for her either. Great place to bring the children and we will definitely be back.

lucky to have had just about perfect weather for my hike. warm sun,clear sky, cool breeze to keep ya from sweating to much. falls are still closed till spring. but ill make it back to see them next year. overlook is pretty awesome. can see for what feels like ever! theres a nice clear lake not far up the trail. cant swim there but still a neat little spot to stop for a bit. the ice caves are super cool! its amazing how nature creates such things. they're also more extensive than i thought,which i was happy to see. sams point is certainly a cool area to pack a picnic,no rush, and venture around for the day. enjoying the sights for their beauty. i know ill be back often

Definitely has a lot to see. Bring your camera and plenty of water. Take your time and explore the ice caves. It can be quite cool inside them and they will be refreshing in the hotter weather. However due to moisture build and/or rain, they can be very slippery if the correct foot ware is not chosen. Perfect for fall vista views from nice rock outcrops. You can hike to the main view in a relatively short time. But allow the bulk of your day to get the most is this loop.

Nice hike with good views pretty buggy in sept though

Beautiful and easy loop hike (4.3 miles); the trail to the V-falls was closed due to a fire earlier this year. We first did the whole trail before the fire at the end of February. At the time, we stopped at the Ice Caves , but couldn't hike them (way too much ice). Now, early September, the ice caves were an easy and leasant target( ca. 0.7 miles). There are so many flowers and ferns.

an amazing experience. great trails and not too hard of a hike

Good hike, but due to a wildfire most trails were closed including Verkeederkill falls, High Point Trail, Blueberry Pickers Trail, and Indian Rock Trail. I did get to see the ice caves which were great, but I was hoping to hike more than 3 miles that day. I'll be going back when more trails open though!

Great hike. Beautiful cliffs and a unique ecosystem with varied terrain and many interesting features. Start from the visitors center, make sure you have a map (the nynjtc map is best), hat, shades and sunscreen, and begin walking through hardwoods past white cliffs. The carriage road meanders up and around the cliffs and you'll be on top of the bluffs. Enter the Dwarf Pitch Pine forest. Sandy soil, Blueberry, and Mountain Laurel mingle with Dwarf Pines, and you'll get plenty of sun! Hike through this unique terrain to the ice caves and explore these before continuing on towards the falls. Descend back into Deciduous forest and cross some babbling brooks before reaching the top of the falls, a great spot for lunch. Keep going to the high point walking along the sides of cliffs and enjoying great views of the preserve and the surrounding Shawangunks. Make a big loop, shoot out to some other views and interesting boulder formations before spying the lake. I enjoyed a break by the lake before returning to my car. This is a fantastic hike and I highly recommend it to anyone.

The hike to the top of the cliff is simple, and then you have this long path you take to the waterfall trail. It has a sign that says waterfall (with amount of miles). It's not a quick trail, it takes all day pretty much, but once it get there it's beautiful, it's very worth it, make sure you bring strong hiking books. The views are great.

Unfortunately the falls was closed this past Sunday. But we did the ice caves and it was a lot of fun! It could be a bit challenging with all the rocks, and some wet spots. I am really happy I invested in hiking boots they give you the right kind of grip. Also so of the spots get pretty tight but worth the squeeze! The caves also give you a chance to cool off. The view was breath taking at the end of the caves. I'm not going to lie my boyfriend and I pretended we were on some kind of adventure. We are in our 20's but if you like the outdoors as much as us, I really do highly recommend this trail at least once!