Nice hike. Bugs not bad.

This one should be called Salmon River Falls. Good hike from the parking lot to the dam. Got to see the falls, which was really awesome. Loved the gorge trail, made it that much more interesting. If you're just going to see the falls then the trail is paved so don't need special shoes. if you want to go to the dam, hiking boots recommended, as you have cross a few streams to continue.

1 year ago

When I pulled up to the road it was a residential neighborhood. I thought the directions were wrong again. So asked around and was led to Nobles Shores Rd, which ends up at Salmon Hills Ski Lodge. I found a trail which was confusing at first. Basically looked like an ATV /Snowmobile trail. After one mile I ended up to the road that the Map originally led me to. So basically instead of going towards the lake I wound up hiking one mile away to a residential neighborhood. There are other trails near the lodge but wasn't kept up. By the looks of it, the trails look like it's meant for the snow season. So left disappointed.