kid friendly

Just did it today with 8 and 6 year old. black ice starting to build towards top. be careful.

I would rate this hike a bit difficult if it wasn't particularly short. I walked at a pretty average pace and made it to the summit in around an hour.

The first stretch for about 3/4 of a mile before you reach the road is a steady incline. The second half is a bit more challenging with some steep points and rather rocky. Once you have about 1/4 of a mile left it becomes relatively easy. The peak is open with good views of the lake and it has picnic areas as it can be driven to by car or bike.

I went on a cool day in the fall and the rocks coming down were actually pretty slippery. I would say for once that the descent is actually more challenging than the ascent because of the wet rocks you almost can't avoid.

Overall it's a decent hike that shouldn't take more than 2 hours on average to complete.

Was a nice hike up. I chose to take the blue blazes and found some nice places to camp

First third of the hike is extremely rocky and thus a bit challenging, especially on the descent. Trail is not particularly well marked, but fortunately well traveled enough to have a visible trail. Because there's an access road, it's more crowded and commercial at the summit (viewing binoculars). But the view, nonetheless, was beautiful, especially on this mid-October day.

3 months ago

Steep, rocky trail, always crowded in the summer when the tourist road to the top is open.

Rocky and very well traveled. You can hear road noise the whole hike. All up hill steep, view nice, but other hikes are better.

3 months ago

This is a fun hike with a rewarding view at the top. Definitely on the more difficult side of moderate, as it is a steep incline the whole way up. As another poster mentioned, the way down can be challenging, as there are many flat rocks that can be slippery. Round trip, the hike took me a little under two hours.

3 months ago

As as hiker and someone who loves the outdoors its a great hike and beautiful view at the top.
Fair warning there are alot of rocks and its steep at times. If u have bad knees I wouldn't advise it. Stay on the trail or u will get lost. They could improve on the trail markers though but overall it is a great hike. I'd give it a 7.5/10 and definitely moderate not easy.

4 months ago

Moderate for sure. All up hill for 1.5 hours. The view is definitely worth it.

Loved it the view is worth it

This was straight uphill and straight downhill. I felt it was on the more strenuous scale. Wear shoes that grip and have some ankle support...you go down on sheets of rock.

all went well until after the halfway point where the blue trail intersection the red trail and is not very visible

Very tough hike. Steep most of the way up, and very rocky, but the view at the top is fantastic!