I wouldn't call this trail hard, as this guide does. It is fairly long, and not marked, and the trail is not heavily used. The cliffs at the end are always busy in the summer as boaters flock there.

1 month ago

Short, fairly steep hike to the gazebo. There are other (unmarked) trails further up the mountain that are fun to explore if you want more exercise. There is also a site further up the mountain where an airliner crashed in the 1960s, and you can find some remnants of the crash.

35 minute hike up to the gazebo. All uphill, sometimes pretty steep so even though it's a short hike it's a strenuous one. The hike passed gazebo to the waterfall is a longer one. I wouldn't recommend unless you think the water isn't dried up. We had rainfall the day before and still nothing.

Steep and rocky, took two lazy adults 35 minutes to climb up to the gazebo, the same to climb down. The extended trail to the waterfall is about an hour, but the water is dried up most of the year. Spectacular views from the gazebo, especially given the short hike.

Fun and quick trip, a little steep but the view is 100% worth it!

Really short hike it took and hour and a1/2 to finish. good for elderly people. really easy for a seasoned hiker.

Great trail. Very steep with lots of rocks. There were a couple spots that were not well marked, but the trail was pretty obvious. I did this with my wife and two kids (3 and 6). This was definitely a serious challenge for the kids and coming back down was pretty tough for them. That said they can't wait to go back. The trail has a nice gazebo with a view in the middle / end depending on how far you do.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Steep and short unless you go to the waterfall.

Quick steep hike to the top. Very rewarding vista! Gazebo on top that was so nice to watch the sunset!

Very easy trail to hike. Perfect for a first timer or first hike of the season after having cabin fever. Even though it's a short hike you are rewarded with some decent views. Once at the top the trail can be followed further back to a waterfall. This hike can be done in a loop taking the orange trail up and I believe a blue trail down. Or vice versa.

Quick hike with beautiful views, I always get lost on the blue trail though

Nice hike to a great lookout of Lake George. Toward the beginning of the hike you will come upon a fork in the road. We took the left not knowing which way to go and realized that it was the tough route. If you take the left trail it will be steep and a harder hike than the right. The right side has a lot of switchbacks and is an easy yet longer stroll to the gazebo lookout point. So If you want a challenge take the left at the fork in the road and if you want an easy stroll take a right.When you reach the top you have an option to hike further up the mountain towards a waterfall.

it was a beautiful day and the views were spectacular at the top on the gazebo .