This trail is pretty flat and mellow until the 4th mile. Honestly, if you were in good enough shape, you could probably run most of it. I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that the NYDEC trailblazers stopped towards the top and you were expected to take the access road to the top.
Also to get to the trailhead for the Schafer Trail, take your first left after the first entrance to Gore Mountain.

True. This trail is actually 5.8 miles each way. Follows a nice brook most of the way until you get to the ski trail area. Here you must trudge up loose gravel roads (I'd actually prefer steep rocks and roots) within the ski trail are until the tower and ski summit. The tower has a lot of radio equipment on it. The stairs were open as well as the hatch to the lookout cabin but I did not go up it. There were Warren County Sheriff signs on the nearby buildings and radio towers warning about climbing and touching equipment due to RF exposure. So I played it safe and just enjoyed a few descent vistas from the ski trails.

This is NOT a 9 mile as the overview states. The Schafer Trail starts at the old beach at the base of Gore. This trail is 5.8 miles one way. The trail itself is an easy trail through the woods. About a mile into the hike you will start to hear the sound of waterfalls, absolutely beautiful site, but to get some good shots at the first one you have to go off trail and you must be very careful if you venture out on the rocks, which I did just for the photo ops. There are a few spots on the way up to go off trail to get some photos, but for the most part there is very little photo ops on the trail. Right before you come out of the wooded path, if you look to your right there is an old abandoned gondola. Once you are out of the woods you will walk the gravel road to the summit. This is a steep ascent toward the end. The fire tower itself is closed to the public and is full of communications equipment. Once you are on the gravel road there are some AWESOME photo ops. Overall this was a great hike.

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4 years ago

Gore is one of the best trails I have been