Nice short hike to the top. Views from the fire tower are spectacular!

Beautiful view from up top

Awesome view from the fire tower !

Tower was cool

1 year ago

Great trip

1 year ago

Very nice views from the fire-tower. The hike along the way was not very difficult and was also quite nice.

I recommend this hike if you are going to check out the tower. (Although I did not explore much else of the area).

To call Nimham Moutnain beautiful would be an understatement. The multi-use area and DEC state forest has many wooded trails and mountain bike paths, suitable for all levels of experience. The primary attraction is the mountain's 86-foot fire tower. It is open to the public and cared for by a local conservation group. The tower is accessable all year long up a wide service road, which takes hikers on an easy up-hill walk bordered by beautiful woodlands. A few hundred yards from the parking lot is another interesting feature; Nimham Mountain's stone chamber. The small building is structurally sound and a fascinating stop along the way up to the fire tower.
Depending on the season wild blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and grapes can be found and eaten on various parts of the mountain. Drinking from its natural springs and creeks is inadvisable, as there are old arsenic mines at the bottom.
If you plan to stay overnight there are multiple campsites and fire pits available. Please camp at a distance of two hundred yards away from all trails and natural water sources. Remember to pack out everything you pack in.
Nimham Mountain is a wealth of natural beauty and fascinating history. Any trail taken will surely provide the hiker or mountain biker with a pleasant journey through the woods of Puntam County.