First time snowshoeing. Fabulous. Not sure if I would hike again without snow.

Snowshoed this winter January 28th. Was tons of fun in a snowstorm. Took longer than expected but the trail was well packed. No view at the summit because of the storm but overall great trip

cascade is a great hike in general has a beautiful view fro. the top. Its perfect for your beginner 46er that doesn't know where to start. Porter doesn't have much of a view. It's a little lower than cascade and looks directly at it. I would only recommend if you want to be a 46er or want to see cascade. They are both fairly easy

Great hike. The top of Cascade had a great view, but was very cold and windy above treeline. Don't forget goggles, spikes or snowshoes. Porter was significantly less windy and still had a great view.

Only did Cascade. Hike wasn't too bad. The 360 degree views at the summit were great!

Hiked this mid- November. Got lucky with a perfect weather day. Uphill incline the whole way with rocky path. View is worth it. Went to lake placid and toured the town afterwards. Would love to come back and explore more 46ers

Start early!!! We started at noon due to some unexpected delays and on the way up we made frequent stops for pictures because everything was amazing (Indian Falls is a must!). This resulted in us not getting back to our camp site until 10 pm. The way down took 5 hours, 0 breaks and some seriously swollen knees. It's really rocky and, if wet, really slippery. Luckily we brought head lamps but it got cold and dark really quick. The hike is long and there's points where you just want to give up (the bedrock going up the summit and the final miles back to your start point when you feel like you've been walking for an eternity). I hurt everywhere, especially my knees, so towards the end I just wanted to be done with it, shower, and sleep. It's challenging because of the length but you get a great sense of accomplishment and it's such an experience! Definitely a must.

This was my first winter hike of Cascade and it was fun. We were the first ones there, so we broke the trail for others. We had on hiking crampons to start, then as we got closer to the summit we switched over to snowshoes. For the final ascent we switched back over to hiking crampons. There was no view at the top as it was cloudy. The wind was gusting up there, so we didn't stay long at all. On the way out we met a lot of fellow hikers.

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The easiest of the High peaks, these two are great for beginners. The climb is short, mostly gradual and the views are amazing and you get a great look at some of the other High Peaks. The trail tends to get pretty crowded though, when I climbed them in April with over a foot of snow on the ground there were still many people. The top of Cascade can get very windy; it was blowing pretty hard I was there.

First high peak hikes! Great for beginners, the accent was not too steep and the mileage not too far. It was cold and wintry when we got to the summit of cascade, our ice traction shoes and poles were much needed.(doable with out but would have been risky) the hike to porter was easy to follow, slightly less traveled. I recommend climbing the first big rock you see( that you might mistake as the summit) beautiful views!! The summit from there is maybe another five minute walk. Wonderful awe inspiring experience, I would recommend to take in the winter because the snow capped mountains are breathtaking. The weather changes fast up that high so bring layers, and be smart! Good hiking, enjoy!

Excellent hike and great views. It was crazy windy and cold at the top of Cascade. I wasn't geared up right for the snow and ice, so it was harder than it should have been for me. This was my first high peak and I'm hooked now.

Incredible views from both Cascade & Porter. Easy double high peak checkmark. Summer or winter. Continues to remain ridiculously popular. Get there crazy early and back your car in or go in January, February for a more solitary experience.

Weather can change quickly. Great views at Cascade summit.

Short and sweet. Awesome half day mountain hike! We are in our twenties and it took us 1.5 hrs to the top and a similar time back down. There are some steep sections but we didn't find the trail overly challenging (We used spikes which made a big difference when tackling the sections that were completely iced over). Dress warmly because the top is very cold and windy but the views are well worth it!

We hiked Cascade this past weekend and thought it was a rather challenging little hike. Quite a steep elevation in a short distance. The trail was also very rocky so this did a number on our thighs and knees (particularly on the descent). There were a few areas where you had to rock scramble. It did not help that during our hike it rained, hailed and snowed! We had absolutely no visibility at the top due to the weather and the summit was extremely windy and icy. Our legs were absolutely burning by the time we returned to the car. All in all it was a very nice hike notwithstanding the extreme weather conditions.

amazing veiws from Cascade . Porter had a lot of trees which really took away from the veiw but it was still pretty. Pretty steep uphill hike but nothing too crazy. I went with my Father who hasn't hiked in a couple years and he had a hard time on the decent as it can be pretty tough on your knees . Some of the best veiws in the adirondacks in my opinion from cascade.