Overall amazing trail with great views. The hardest part about this trail is the length, otherwise it is less difficult than expected. Weather can play a factor too, summiting in the afternoon allows for a lot of the ice to melt. This is key in completing the last mile of so. Last water fill up is around the Indian falls where a small stream crosses the trail.

9 days ago

Great time hiking Mt. Marcy. Friendly hikers all around. Great to bring your dog with you. Getting to the top was an amazing experience!

Amazing hike.

Great hike great views

Ummmmm. Beautiful. The rock mountain top makes it amazing for seeing all around.

Did it yesterday on a very clear sunny day! The hike is not as difficult as some may have described over here but one would feel that it's very long on the way back. 5hours to go up, 2 hrs at Top and 4 hours to get back. 7AM to 6PM. The view from the top is totally worth the hike!

Great hike. Beautiful summit and good steeps.

Awesome trail! Do porter and cascade together!

Good hike. Moderate difficulty. Well marked.

The view at the top is great don't get me wrong, it's just about making it there. This was my first high peak and probably not a good one to start with but I was with an avid hiker who pushed me through it.

There are points that are steep near the end and the final push is the most difficult part in my opinion. It's not so much the nature of the ascent that's hard but more the overall length of the trail. For the first few miles it's relatively easy with a nice stream and view of the surrounding peaks and a watering hole about 2/5 of the way up. But then it's just pretty much uphill for seemingly ever.

Expect to be gone the entire day. The trail has many visitors and is easy to follow but I was pushed to a pretty fast pace and it still took a good 7-8 hours with hardly any breaks to finish.

Make sure to bring plenty of water for this one.

This was a very good hike for beginners and very rewarding. There a few points before the summit that you can stop and look out on your progress. The actual summit has a nice 360 view but can be a bit windy. The extra half mile or so to porter is a little narrow but is clear enough to navigate. The view there is not as nice as cascade but has a good spot to stop and soak it all in. I would do porter first and save cascade for last as it is the better of the two.

Again, it's a nice short hike that is a pretty constant steady incline and could be done easily in less than 5 hours.

Ill be honest my fiancé and i are not in typical poor shape like most Americans but we where not conditioned enough for this for the avg person not avg hiker this is a brutal hike we made it almost to the summit had lunch just above where the trees stop so we had a great view! Not as good as from the summit but we accepted it. We sat for about 45 min then headed back down at first it felt like we had a great pace back down then soreness really kicked in it took us almost 5 hours to get back. Many times wish we could have just given up but that was not a option all in all it brought us together and is a driving force for us to train and make that summit ! As far as challenges views and bragging rights this hike doesn't get better then Marcy for New York State

Hard, but so worth the struggle. Marcy makes you work for it! Very hard on knees and ankles on the descent... bring good poles & use them well!

Everything it's said to be. Wonderful hike and great views from the bald summit. Many people on the trail and on top.