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wonderful views

beautiful waterfall you can stand behind
a lovely place

very easy, very mellow, minimal grade - took it begin and end Gertrude's Nose Loop - nice views of Lake Minnewaska.

13 days ago

amazing views and challenging - did this as a loop with the Lake Minnewaska Carriageway, Millbrook Mtn Carriageway and the Millbrook Mtn Trail.

hiked about a mile of this trail from Millbrook Mtn back up to Lake Minnewaska - part of the Gertrude's Nose Loop - surprisingly steep back up to the lake.

Great views.

My sister and I did the longest walk here from the parking lot we went to lake awosting (black marks) then to castle point ( blue) then to Gertrude's nose( red) it take us 15 miles. Exhausting but totally worth it. Awesome views and cliffs

Phenomenal hike. Epic scenery. By far the best hike I've been on all my life. Definitely go here if you have the chance. The rock formation is out of this world and the elevation you achieve allows you see see so much of the surrounding land. The park in the beginning is gorgeous as well.

29 days ago

Great hike! Very scenic, challenging, and well worth the trip!!

Good choice if you want to be out for a while and have flat ground.

nice hike, mostly going through the mountain. it's surrounded by trees about 97% of the way, so it's probably beautiful during the fall. otherwise not much to see. there's only 2 or 3 overlooks. it's all carriage roads if you take it from the minnewaska lake trail head. it's relatively easy, even for someone as out of shape as I am.

Easy... But a quaint, peaceful, uplifting hike... Always an enjoyable hike

This was a an amazing hike. All different terrain made it seem to go by quick. Steep ascents to rolling ups and downs. Loved the views from several different points along the way.

Rachel and I really liked this hike. The cliffs are amazing and scary (for me). A good part of the hike is on the carriage road so it hikes shorter than it is. Follow yellow markers to Millbrook Mountain (MC) around the right side of the lake. On the way you'll see the trail on your right to Gertrude's Nose. - red markers. Rachel got closer to the edges than I did! $10.00 to park.