Beautiful winter's day hike..a wisp of a wind sending a mist of snow from the lightly covered branches over head....peaceful..quiet..serene..bring your hiking sticks...icy spots under the snow..but well worth the trek

Long Pond trail in Willowemoc, NY is one of the best trails to take youngsters on. It is great for beginners because it is a nice hike in, with just the first 1/8th mile a warm up grade. The pond is fun for studying nature up close, even in February. A spring like snow was coming down and added another dimension of pleasure to the 4 hour trip, with plenty of hang out time included.

We are fortunate to live in Willowemoc and having grown up here I can attest to the fact that this area has something to offer any outdoor enthusiast.The Willowemoc Wild Forest Trail is one of many here in the Catskills that will deliver you to the adventure you seek.