Very clean and pleasant

11 days ago

Great Trail

16 days ago

Beautiful trail that is well marked but difficult and rocky. The view at the top is worth it! Pace yourself :) enjoy!

Great view! The trail is a bit challenge but well marked.

Beautiful at the top worth the rough rocky climb.

Reading over the AllTrails description, I didn't see the waterfalls but it was still a pretty scenic hike. I started from Pochuck Valley where its mostly suspension bridges over marshlands. Then onto the Stairway to Heaven trail which I agree with a lot of reviewers, was a moderate challenge. It is rocky so definitely make sure you are wearing footwear with some sort of grip and it's probably best you don't go when it is raining (it can get slippery at points, especially during descent). Still though, the Pinwheel Vista view at the summit was awesome and makes the climb well worth it. I disagree with those who mentioned it was colder at the Vista. I think it would be more accurate to say it was windier, a lot more windier than at the bottom at the mountain. Still, a whole lot of fun! It is a popular hiking trail but because it is also challenging, no area was overly populated. Nice area with nice people. A young woman at the Vista was kind enough to take a few keepsake photos so no need for a selfie stick, lol.

Awesome hike! Very tiring and very challenging. But it's all worth it to the top.

It's easy (to moderate) to spot the trail but it's there lol. Just be mindful about the parking too. It's a pretty popular trail.

Overall, it's awesome.

A lot of stairs! VERY cold at the view . It was 60 out when we went and felt like 30 at the top !! Great hike though it can get very busy.

Great hike, saw some bear cubs!

Pretty cool hike that's usually very crowded. It's a nice hike you can skip over most of the flat land and park on Rt 94. From there its like 2 miles of gradual incline to the top. Everything is clearly marked and hard to miss, the veiw is nice and overlooks some farm land.

We did the 7.5 mile loop today. The first half starts on a nice boardwalk path. Very cute bridge along the way. Stairway to heaven was clearly marked which is a plus so we didn't have any trouble finding "the view". Not going to lie it's pretty steep and rocky at some point so a stick and sturdy shoes or definitely a must. Well worth the view!