A mostly undeveloped preserve of nearly 6,000 acres, Hudson Highlands State Park consists of a series of separate parcels of land stretching from Annsville Creek in Peekskill, north to Dennings Point in Beacon. The spacious park is perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, and birding. The Hudson Highlands and Hudson River provide spectacular backdrops for the many activities that can be enjoyed here. The park's extensive hiking trail network includes terrain that varies from easy to challenging. Trail maps can be obtained at the Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park office. The park's most well known trail Breakneck Ridge was rated by Newsweek as one of the top 10 day hikes in America. The 5.5 mile Breakneck Ridge trail rises 1,250 feet in only a mile stretch. Please note that camping and use of fire are prohibited throughout the park For visitors who wish to view the scenic park from the water, kayaks and canoes are available for rental at Annsville Creek Paddlesport Center in Cortlandt Manor. Rentals, as well as instruction, tours, and educational programs, are provided by Atlantic Kayak Tours. Visitors may also launch their own kayaks and canoes from the Annsville dock. Fishing from the dock is also permitted. One area of Hudson Highlands State Park, Bannerman Island, can only be accessed by water and explored via guided tour. Known originally as Pollepel Island, this island is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This majestic Hudson River landmark is home to Bannerman Castle, built by American entrepreneur Frank Bannerman VI between 1901 and 1918. For more information on visiting this unique site, please call (845) 831-6346.

The "All Trails" map on this is totally inaccurate. If you follow the white to yellow to red then white trail blazes you go much farther then represented in this app. Also some of the uploaded photos are not accurate either. There are no views on the Hudson.

All that aside it's a great trail. It had some steep inclines, rocky paths, and water covered trail way. Wear boots because when I was here in December of 2016, sneakers were definitely not enough to keep my feet dry. If you find the abandoned farm house and want to get back to the parking lot an easy way, follow the trails over the stream and to the right. It's south west! That links you up the way you came but you skip over climbing to any mountain summits. It was about 2-3 miles back from there.

I suspect this was actually the East Mountain loop trail which is also on here.

Very good trail

A little hard to find as some of the blazes aren't clearly marked. went on a summer day, so all the trees made it hard to see the Hudson, but lovely slice of nature.

Nice hike. If you take the Cornish trail it seems much easier than the Washburn trail. Same loop but left is more of a gradual incline. Right is up and switchbacks for about 1.5 miles.

We did 11 miles on several different trails starting at Castle Rock (blue), heading toward Sugarloaf, winding up on Osborne Loop toward Manitoga. Even the start of this hike is gorgeous with a beautiful green field and panoramic views of the colorful foliage across the river. All together, this hike is awesome. The directions on the nynjtc.org website were impeccable and led us exactly where we needed to go. Parts of the red emblazoned trail became extremely steep, but the view from the top could have been amazing had it not been for the obstruction from the trees. Still worth it, though. The hike is not for beginners in my opinion. Overall, loved this hike. Took only 4.3 hours to complete. Lots of cool things to see during this trip!!

I just took the white Washburn trail out and back, and it took me under 2 hours, so that's the one to take if you're looking for a quick jaunt with a beautiful view!!! It is easy to go off the trail on herd paths and old trails that are shut down due to erosion-- it is extremely important NOT to take the rocky old quarry road past where the white arrow turns right-- this route is dangerous and fragile. Stick to blazes. A couple of steep pitches-- definitely Mt. Taurus, not "bull hill". But beautiful sights and slightly less traffic than other hikes in the east highlands (Beacon, Breakneck, etc. )

beautiful trail. very unique ruins! awesome views. if I lived closer I would frequent this trail. otherwise worth the drive. many look outs

Great trail. Hard work, and not hard to lose the trail, so keep aware of the markers.

I did White Washburn to Yellow Undercliff to Red Brook to Blue Cornish. It was extremely crowded until I moved past viewing spots on Undercliff. It was a nice ascent in beginning and very windy. It was a good hike and will be back to do more trails.

Cool trail with a great veiw from the top. Slightly less crowded then breakneck ridge but it still draws a crowd. The estate ruins are a cool spot to explore. Took us a little longer than expected , also right by little stony point which is a great spot to stop by after to take in some veiws from the beach .

Nice trail with some very nice viewpoints above the Hudson. Goes up quite steep and dusty on a rocky path for the first third, then more moderate through forest. Took us around 3.5 hrs to walk the loop - first white, then blue, then red, then blue again.

Great hike. Make sure to grab the trail map at the beginning if the trail!

Really like this trial ! Such nice & clear day, I saw Manhattan from the top of mountain. There are great view and so many interesting spots. I will go back again.

Awesome hike on Washburn Trail. Difficult and steep at times, but doable, even as an beginner/intermediate hiker.

Nice quick hike, and the ruins are awesome to see. We didn't do the entire loop, but when entering from the 9D side it's mostly a paved trail.

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I will give Sugarloaf the benefit of the doubt, but Castle Rock trail is boring and confusing.

The map on the parking lot is rotten away so there is no way to tell what trails go where. There is a blue, red, and yellow trail.

There is no way of reaching Castle Rock. Apparently is it privately owned and has big "NO TRESPASSING" signs saying anyone entering the property will be arrested and prosecuted.

Also, there is a RATTLESNAKE HABITAT there. No fences or signs around it until you are leaving it. That was a pleasant surprise since I was there with my dog.

first 2 miles are pretty steep smooth sailing after that