Great hike, beautiful views. No poles needed.

I remember Breakneck Ridge having a challenging start, super inclined but worth every minute. It was during my training and I remember it cold so it was the perfect day for training for my trip to Mt. Baker. Definitely love this trail it was descending it was still awful with trekking poles! But I still had a great time!

As good as it gets in the Hudson Highlands. May not be appropriate for dog smaller then Lab. Awe inspiring views.

1 month ago

loved it

2 months ago

Breakneck Ridge Trail is a great idea for your day off. My buddy and I arrived at 12:30 PM and finished around 330-4 (we had lunch at the summit)
The trail starts off with a tough vertical obstacle, approx. 50% of the climb you will find yourself on "all fours" or at least using one hand to assist yourself. After about an hour you should reach summit(2 great lookouts before peak), only to have to walk back around, then down, a beautifully marked scenic route .

During the 3ish hour hike we only saw about 7-10 people.

I wouldn't say this is a easy hike, but if you have all day it can easily be done with periodic stops, and summit is a perfect spot to have lunch (always take your trash with you!)

Trail maps located at entrance .

2 months ago

I am not a very experienced hiker and in the past heights gave me the heebie jeebies but now that I did this I feel anything is possible. Don't get me wrong, this hike is no joke when it comes to the incline going up. That being said, it was worth every moment. The views are incredibly beautiful. We took the white all the way up, then yellow to red trail down. At some points I wondered if we were ever going to start going down but don't give up it's heck of a lot easier to go down the yellow/red trail as opposed to going down the way you came.

Tips... wear good shoes, bring water and take your time. There is so much to see if you love nature like me you're going to want to take it all in:)

2 months ago

Park along the road and get there early between 8 and 9.... Gets busy later. There are porta-potties at trail base.

Make sure you have proper shoes as you will need grip for climbing.

There are 4 peaks each with a great view. ( follow white trail blazes for climbing).
The hike is most strenuous in the beginning while climbing to peak 1. (Has an American flag).

The peaks get progressively easier to climb as you go.
The best views, in my opinion, are from peak 2 and 3.
After peak 3 you can go right and head down under-cliff trail (yellow trail blaze) back to the road. ...Or you can continue up to peak 4 (very short climb). About a half mile or so past peak 4 you can make a left onto bypass trail (red trail blaze) and head back down to parking.

Having done both ways I prefer making the right onto under-cliff after peak 3... It's an easier downhill decent, there's also a small stream to check out and the woods seem to be prettier on that side of the mountain.

Very unique hike and worth checking out.

2 months ago

This is a cool trail that starts with a difficult beginning.Would have been very fun and enjoyable but for the masses of people. It was so crowded and a generally frustrating hiking experience. If you do this trail try to go during a week day which I've heard is significantly better. Dogs are allowed but only bring them if they are pretty agile and/or you can carry them on certain parts.

the beginning was quite difficult, but gets easier. fun trail!

It gets easier as you go but the start is not simple if I are not an experienced hiker/climber

Did the white, blue, red loop. White was very challenging, almost felt a bit unsafe at times, but the views at the top were beautiful. Just take your time and wear appropriate shoes. Because of all the fallen leaves, blue was a bit slippery getting down but the vast tree lines were amazing. Red was perfect: nicely paved with a river running down it. Saturday mornings do get very busy so if you plan to go on the weekend, go very early. Also tons of graffiti on the trail which I loaathhh. Overall was very fun and the fall color palette was lovely.

2 months ago

The trail was tough in the beginning, it was hard a climb for the first mile then it leveled off and descends. There was some great views of the Hudson River and other mountains in the area. Definitely would do it again, but would try some other trails in the area instead.