4 days ago

Came from the Allentown Pa. Well worth the 2 hour drive. Definitely had a good workout with this hike. We'll be back to check out more of the trails.

8 days ago

I hike just about every weekend and hikes don't get much better than this. It has tough climbs, beautiful views. and scrambling which lead to some heart pounding excitement. The trail is steep and dangerous in some spots. You have to be in shape to complete this hike not just because of the elevation gain, but at times you have to lift yourself up to the next rock because the only way to move forward is to climb. It was busy in February with snow on the ground so I could only imagine how busy it is in the summer.

8 days ago

there's many great views
some challenging climbs
but I did it with a twenty pound vest on my back so maybe it's not that hard
but very rewarding

So this is a very satisfying hike and the views are stunning on the initial climb up from the trail head..BUT...be forwarned...there should be 2 more ratings above hard for this trail as it is VERY hard and difficult especially when we went due to the snow and ice still on the rocks.

I would say this is more of a rock climbing expedition VS a hike. At a couple of points I was actually stuck on ice and concerned for my safety. There is a lot of traffic on the trail even in February during the quiet season. I took a dog but it was quit a bit of work and he frequently had to be lifted and set up on rocks during the Ascent.

The way down was not much faster and luckily there are signs pointing out ways to an easier descent.

So in closing though I highly recommend this trail and in no way want to discourage people but do be aware it is a work out. I am 53 years old and didn't see one other person close to our age on the trail. It was definenelty a young crowd and at the end of the day knew I had accomplished something. I would do it again but I would not brring a pet especially if there is snow or ice on the trail.

Parts can be really hard! The views are really spectacular!

Hiked white on the way up, and yellow down. When i went there was 2 feet of snow covering the trail, which made it challenging to say the least. Probably one of my favorite hikes in the area, I definitely recommend it.

It was absolutely breathtaking. I don't recommend taking bigger dogs here though, it's a tough trail the first half! Other then that the views and everything are perfect

We love this trail. It's challenging but doable.