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Long day, hiked 10:30 hours, great views along the trail. Started 7:00 am and summited 1:00 pm, used snowshoes and crampons. Great day, no winds, sunny and clear. Some part of trail were hard because of Thawing conditions.

Another couple and my wife and I reached trail head at about 7:30 am. It was lightly raining and the temps were around the low 40s. The rain stopped within the first hour. A cool hike until we reached Colvin's base. There the temps started going down and the wind really picked. Started getting light snow. Hike up to Colvin's peak was moderately difficult. Great views with about 1/4 inch of snow and blowing snow. Hiked down Colvin's backside and then back up Blake. Very slippery because of coating of snow. Got to top of Blake around 2:30. Seemed like a very long mile. Hike back to Colvin and then down. Reached base of Colvin and started using headlamps. Saw some campers off to sides of trail just outside of AMR lands. Reached Lake Road and snow was gone. Partly cloudy and almost full moon to guide us back. Got back to cars by 6:30pm. Good time, no one got hurt on slippery trail and didn't pass anyone.

Hike up panther brook is amazing

3 months ago

Hard climb out and back wet and muddy

This was an easy trail until you reached the last 1.1 miles to Mount Colvin. This is where you gain your elevation and there's some rock scrambling to do. The views from Colvin's small summit were nice. The trail to Blake Peak was a tedious one that offered really no views from it's wooded summit. If you walked down the trail a little further you could see Upper Ausable Lake.

4 months ago

Hiked out and planned to stay the night near the peak, and then summit the next morning. If something doesn't go wrong, then it's not an adventure...My brand new tent came with no poles, which was easy enough to over come with some rope. The hard part to beat was - no rain fly! We camped about a mile from the peak and the weather was good until about 3:30 am. Rain and wind, three of us had to sleep underneath the tent. Worst trip, for me, so far.
The hike was good though. The trail is easy and nearly flat until you get to the base of the mountain. I'll be back!

Turn at time square is somewhat confusing. The unmaintained trail could use a couple cairns to ensure people don't get lost.

Colvin and the cliffs were amazing, Blake was difficult without any view. highly recommend this trail to anyone!

great peaks; colvin is an easier high peaks, Blake is steeper and tougher. beautiful weather and a great day to be out!

Trail was easy to follow. Beautiful waterfalls! Did Blake thinking it would be a quick 1.1mile additional hike yet it was difficult! No view on Blake. Not sure I would do that part again. Slightly slippery rocks after rain all weekend. Great high peak. Took us 9 hours.

11 hr, 13 min from sign in to sign out. spent 15ish min on couch and santanoni, 30-45 on panther. Plan on couch taking 3 hours round trip from time square. it was alot of flat, just long. from the parking lot- going up the express route and back down around the pond route worked out well.

The route to this peak is a common route for people hiking Mount Marcy. You'll hike over Mount Marcy down to the four corners junction. The start of the trail is marked by a carin, and this trail is a herd path. The trail was muddy and you'll have to do a little rock scramble to get to the wooded summit. The views are a little limited but still are nice. The only people that may hike this trail are the ones going for their 46er patch.