Not hard at all however beautiful

Nice relaxing trail .. Good views .. Recommend

Did this trail last month it was very nice and relaxing. Pretty easy and flat trail. The nice lil dip in the lake was the best part.

Great spot for simple hiking. Great spot for families, even if you just want to stay near the visitor center and enjoy the lake view over a picnic lunch. If you're hiking, Sterling Lake Loop is the blue blazed trail. Follow the blue blazes for a simple 4.5mi hike around Sterling Lake. The trail loops around and brings you back to the parking lot/visitor center. Or you can veer off to other, longer trails, as you'll see some connections along the way. (Have a map if you do.) This trail might be moderate for new hikers, but if you're an experienced hiker this trail is a pretty simple hike, still enjoyable. Good for solo hikes as well since you're still quite close to civilization, you know, just incase. I chose this spot since I went hiking alone on a Sunday afternoon. Saw a few groups of hikers along the way. There may be less people on week days.

8 months ago

nice trail but you have to hike on the main road for a bit.

The hike was very nice. It was a good bit uphill and could be challenging if you're not used to walking. Parts of it are paved and parts are narrow dirt trails. There are some amazing views of the lake and there is an old building with trees growing in it that you can look at. The ranger recommended from the visitors center you go to the left and get the uphill done first so the easier part of the trail is at the end.

Easy 5 mile hike.

Me and my boyfriend had a beautiful day.Really had a great time for my first time hiking.Highly recommended.We definitely be back next year.

we had a beautiful day hiking around the lake, it is considered as medium for starters. highly recommended

Trail is well marked, and plenty of views of the lake throughout the trail! There are still structures standing from the mining days.

Beautiful views, great hike for kids.

Very pretty lots of nice views. The lake is gorgeous. Some parts of it are quite hilly and rough. Most of it is very nice walk. Me and my gf did it today and it was beautiful outside. The visitor center is full of information. Some does work there if you have questions and he has maps as well. There are bathrooms along the path. Beautiful overall day

Wonderful hike/walk. Scenery was pleasant. About half of the trip is along the lake. The other half is still pretty though.