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Me and my brother did this hike in Early September on a week day and had most of the peaks to ourselves. From the parking lot it's a 3 mile walk through the woods down a gravel road. after that you begin you Climb up sawtooth . In my opinion that's the toughest part of the hike and it doesn't offer much of a veiw at all. the next few peaks are pretty beautiful I personally found pyramid to be my favorite ,Gothics is also pretty cool . Upper and lower wolf jaw are the last two peaks are really tough up and downs that's ultimately lead to a very limited veiw. Very challenging but beautiful hike . Bring plenty of water

With 15 peaks down this was absolutely the best views of all the peaks. It had over 100 awesome views parked one car at New Russia (500 ft elevation), Then drove around to Giants washbasin(elevation 1400). Left at 7:30 was at the top of giant at 10:00 am, rocky peak Ridge at 12:00, the best part of the trail was rocky Ridge onward including a stop for lunch at the perfect spot on an alpine pond. The fall Foliage was unlike anything I've ever seen.. We lucked out and got the perfect weekend to go. Jaw dropping views of yellow orange, reds. Views continue for what seemed foe error as you have to cross over three more mountains on the way down to New Russia parking. We underestimated this hike it is very hard but short (9 hours). Took us 4 hours to get from Rocky Ridge to the parking area.. Seemed like it would never end. BRING LOTS OF WATER (3-4 liters min) . The only spot to get water is from the pond so plan accordingly!

10 days ago

Wow! We did not know what to expect going into this hike and figured we would jump right into to our first high peak, being inexperienced! Definitely harder than I thought it was going to be! We started at the east trailhead on Rt 9 and made it to blueberry cobbles. The trail was great and we loved all the views with the fall foliage! We definitely want to try it again after getting a few smaller peaks under our belt!

I was a beginner hiker when I climbed these mountains and although it was challenging at times, I had a blast. The summits were well worth the challenge. It took us about 12 hours, including the hour break at the summit. Bring plenty of water, we brought 3 liters and a few water bottles and ran out.

Great hike to the Nubble with my wife this morning 10/9/16! Definitely would do it again but would hike down to Roaring Brook Falls next time!

This hike is incredible. I'm not in the best shape and I made it all the way through just under 8 hours and couldn't be happier for pushing myself. We started on rte. 9 in New Russia at the blubbery cobbles trailhead and finished at the chapel pond trailhead where our other vehicle was waiting. What an intense and magnificent hike! Highly recommended for all that seek to challenge themselves but know that this hike is very difficult for an out of shape person like myself. I hike a lot but this was much more difficult than I anticipated. After barely being able to walk up and down stairs for 3 days after this hike, I can still say it was totally worth every aching muscle!

Long challenging trail with amazing views. So worth it!

2 months ago

Incredibly varied and beautiful trail. Very steep, a thrill ride from start to finish.

Only hiked one way so It was 11 miles total. Two cars were needed parked on by Giant mountain and the other on Rt 9 new Russia area. Started at Giant mountain which was 3 miles to the peak. The hike up Giant has a lot of rock scrambles and is steep in spots. The views once on top are amazing. After the peak on Giant we pushed on to Rocky peak ridge by going down the back side of Giant. The decent here was extremely steep in places. Then hiked back up to Rocky peak ridge. The views were amazing with lots of photo opportunities as we walked the ridge after the summit back to our car. Also crossed over Bald mountain as well. Overall this is a hard hike but definitely doable.

It was hard!!

I only did Giant (was unaware that it could be paired with rocky ridge).
Short hike distance wise, but brutally steep so make sure you have a few hikes under your belt before trying this one.
My favorite view was from the top of the falls so make sure to find time to stop there and check it out.

I absolutely loved it!!!

This was a challenging but fun hike. I would rate it as moderate to hard and I consider myself a above avg hiker. It took us 1 hour 45 mins to the summit of Giant. We only spent about 15 mins at the top then went to Rocky peak ridge high peak. Which was 1.2 miles from the summit of giant. Straight down half the way then back up again until you reach the summit. Which in my opinion held a much better view than giant. It was well worth it. Coming down these mountains was very strenuous on our knees.

Très belle randonnée la montée comme la descente est très technique. Mon épouse et moi l'avons fait en 4.50 hrs pour 9.4 km par la ridge Trail. Avoir su qu'il y avait une plage juste prêt de notre départ, nous aurions apporté nos maillots.

The point-to-point route for this hike has the greatest views. On a 85 degree day though, it was very slow going and the bugs were swarming in full swing. Bring more water than you'll think you'll need and bug spray. Beautiful views!

Fantastic trail- lots of elevation change up and down again, but the views are magnificent. We started from the Giant Mt side and camped at one of the designated spots 0.7 mi in from the trailhead. Great spot! Then up to Giant which was shrouded in cloud and down and up again to Rocky Peak Ridge and the clouds started to clear. A large portion of the hike down from Rocky Peak Ridge over Bald Mt had marvelous views. Was beautiful in July and can also imagine would be glorious in the fall. Definitely bring enough to eat and drink as this is a strenuous all-day hike. We were happy to see our shuttle car at the end!