road biking
3 months ago

This is a great place to bike, walk, run or roller blade. The paved walkway is smooth and everything is well kept. I took my grandchildren biking (10 and 6 yrs). The six-year-old was on training wheels. We went 3 1/2 miles before turning around (6.6 miles is pretty good for a 6 yr old on training wheels!). The only part I didn't care for was the section along a road which included a narrow bridge. Thankfully there was very little traffic on the road and the cars that did come by we're going slow.

This is a one way trail, so plan accordingly

4 months ago

Nice walk but NOT recommend on warm days

road biking
5 months ago

nice ride

I loved it, my children really enjoyed it

road biking
1 year ago

Great for a quick bike ride, heavy traffic though.

road biking
2 years ago

A great, easy trail. Asphalt paved. My only complaint is that it has very limited shade and can be brutally hot in the summer !

Have not done all 10 miles, but very nicely paved, scenic biking/walking/running trail. Very busy place in summer.