Devil's Hole State Park overlooks the lower Whirlpool rapids. A wildly beautiful walkway leads down from the park along the turbulent Niagara River 300 feet into the wooded gorge and offers an up-close, spectacular view of the gorge's rapids. Devil's Hole has picnic areas, hiking, and nature trails. It is one of the most popular spots for fishermen. Pets

Amazing trail during the fall!

So beautiful

this is a great trail! not easy coming back up tho.

on Niagara Glen Trail

4 months ago

was great,great views,very hard at times but fun

5 months ago

Beautiful trail, especially in the fall. Nice river views, and not too populated.

5 months ago

Beautiful area worth exploring. I personally would not classify it as easy because of the many stairs and rocky steps throughout the trail. Still, my kids did fine through high temperatures and about 2.5 kms.
Look past the plethora of trash that ignorant visitors have thrown everywhere along the trailside, and you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of this place.

11 months ago

1 year ago

Several great hikes with leanna, sterling, and the pups. The power of the river is incredible and you are given full access to do what you want. The stairs down, I believe were built in the time of FDR, are being patched up next year. The end of the trial near devils whole is a great place for a picnic or just sit in awe. I would love to go to the canadian side, one day.

Long way back up but wonderful views

Definitely one of my Favorite Trail this Summer.... Amazing scenery!! If you on the Devils Hole Trail and you end please keep going all the way to the whirlpool Trail is only 1.3 miles more. You will not regret it I promise. The scenery after this point cannot be missed is super Amazing!!! Definitely going back.

2 years ago

This was a great trail wandering along the river and through the woods. The water was an amazing turquoise. Trail was pretty easy but hiking out of the canyon at the end was not fun and we lost the trail at one point. Definitely worth the trip!

One of the best trails in the Niagara Region. Any time we have company visiting from out of town we take them down the gorge. It rivals the literal falls in beauty and I personally prefer it to the literal Niagara Falls.
A word of warning: Take extreme care when hiking along the water. The rapids are extremely dangerous! If you fall into the water I can assure that you will not resurface. Please be cautious!